LED Traffic Light

LED Traffic Light

LED Traffic Light
LED Traffic Light
led traffic light
LED Traffic Light
LED Traffic Light
LED Traffic Light
LED Traffic Light Modules
LED Traffic Light
led traffic light
LED Traffic Light

Cutting-Edge LED Traffic Signal Lights for Road Safety

In the realm of traffic safety, the precision and reliability of LED traffic signal lights are paramount. At Sinowatcher, we stand as pioneers in manufacturing advanced LED traffic signal and safety solutions in bulk. Our range of products, including solar flashing lights, road studs, radar speed signs, and innovative LED traffic light designs, represents the epitome of innovation and efficiency. With a commitment to enhancing road safety, our LED traffic light products redefine industry standards.

Importance of LED Traffic Lights

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, traffic lights stand as silent sentinels, orchestrating the symphony of urban mobility. These unsung heroes of transportation play an indispensable role in maintaining order and safety on our roads, ensuring that the ceaseless flow of vehicles navigates intersections with precision and grace.

From the perspective of a driver, traffic lights are beacons of guidance, providing clear and unambiguous instructions that transform the chaos of intersections into a dance of cooperation. With each illuminated signal, we are granted the assurance of safe passage, allowing us to proceed with confidence and ease.

The demand for effective traffic management solutions is ever-increasing, driven by the relentless expansion of our cities and the corresponding surge in traffic congestion. As a result, the market for traffic lights is ripe for innovation, seeking solutions that can seamlessly regulate traffic flow and minimize the risk of accidents.

Why Choose Our LED Traffic Light Solutions?

Unparalleled Visibility and Clarity: Our LED traffic light collection boasts various features, including:

  • Voltage Options: Options for wide voltage and low voltage are available, which can be easily adjusted to meet the usage habits of different regions.
  • Lens: The lens is made up of pure PC material which is durable and non-yellowing. Moreover, polycarbonate optical lens also have impact resistance, for enhanced protection.
  • Shell: The shell is made up of pure PC material, highly durable polycarbonate shell and has UV resistance to withstand harsh climate conditions.
  • Lamp beads: We use imported brand chips, which not only have high brightness, but also low energy consumption
  • Product certification: Our products comply with EN12368 EU certification standards.
Unparalleled Visibility
Innovative Design for Precision:

Our LED traffic signal modules feature cutting-edge technology, ensuring enhanced visibility. From the 300mm clear lens RYG full ball LED traffic signal lights to the 200mm RYG full ball LED traffic light modules, our products guarantee visibility at all times of day, from different viewing angles, contributing to efficient traffic management.

Durability Redefined:

Crafted from robust materials, our LED traffic signal lights are built to withstand the test of time. With durable housing, impact resistance, and a life cycle of above 80,000 hrs, our traffic signal lights redefine durability.

Customized Solutions:

We provide the most cost-effective transportation solutions based on our clients' application requirements, including wired pedestrian crossing systems, wireless pedestrian crossing systems, toll gates signal solutions, and more. Once the requirements are clearly communicated, we will first offer clients a 3D simulated rendering, allowing them to visually experience the final presentation of the proposed solution. This ensures a clear understanding of the intended outcome before moving forward.

Energy Efficiency:

Embracing eco-conscious technology, our LED traffic signal lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With a focus on sustainability, we provide state-of-the-art LED traffic signal solutions that align with global environmental goals.

About Us
As one of the leading manufacturers of LED traffic light products, Sinowatcher is committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions. Our team of experts possesses extensive experience in the traffic safety industry, enabling us to provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process. At Sinowatcher, we not only provide traffic light for sale but also deliver comprehensive LED traffic signal safety solutions that empower cities, highways, and intersections. Our dedication to precision, durability, and sustainability sets us apart in the industry. For a safer, more efficient road network, trust in our expertise. Please explore our range of LED traffic signal lights on our website to get complete details, and join us in shaping a safer transportation future. At Sinowatcher, we are more than just manufacturers; we are innovators shaping the future of road safety. With a legacy of excellence, we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions. Please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our products, and the latest designs of traffic light for sale.

LED Traffic Light FAQS

Q:Which size LED traffic light do you have?

In our LED traffic light series, there are: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm according to the size; according to the lens type: clear lens, small lens, cobweb lens, high flux series, so as to meet the needs of different markets.

Q: What color is the LED traffic light shell?

Our lights feature a highly durable UV resistant polycarbonate shell. It conforms to the European standard and the American standard with its novel appearance, and it provides a variety of colors to choose from, such as black, yellow and green.

Q: What lens do you have for LED traffic light?

Our lens is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, which is transparent enough to ensure that the LED light can be effectively emitted, so that pedestrians and drivers can clearly see the signal. Our LED traffic lights can work in bad weather, from cold to melting hot. Adapt to temperatures between -40 degree Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius. Our products are easy to install and easy to use. They come with a wide viewing angle so the signals can be noticed from any position.

Q: How many kinds of working voltages are there for LED traffic lights?

We use high flux SMD and DIP LED lights to provide the best quality. A variety of input voltages are available: AC85-265V, AC26-55V, AC42V, DC10-30V etc, which can adapt to different power systems and environments and ensure the stable operation of traffic lights. These lights are easy to maintain and last for a longer time. Our led lights can last more than 80,000 working hours.

Q: What are the certifications of LED traffic lights?

All of our products are certified by different quality control organizations, including CE, RoHS, EN12368, and ISO9001. Our Optical performance Conforms to EN12368 standard. We offer led traffic light installation parts, include contrast board(choose on demand), PC visor,arm bracket or L-shaped bracket and square tube etc.

LED Traffic Light Cases

Sinowatcher constantly research and work to improve the quality of our led traffic lights. Our quality control team is committed to providing the best quality products and making the traffic safety department better. Our products are used worldwide and our customers are satisfied with the quality.to find traffic light for sale or to learn more about our products, please contact us.



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