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Thanks for our client’s trust and support, we have the honor to supply traffic products for some recent Thailand projects, in which multi products are included: Adaptive Intelligent Traffic Signal Controllers, Traffic Lights, Push buttons for Pedestrian Crossing, Traffic Countdown Timers and Video Vehicle Detectors. In March, our after-sales team visited the local city and give the customer installation guidance and after-sales support. All products are working well after installation, which is highly recognized by customers and the local government.

The project adopts the actuated and adaptive function to optimize traffic signal timing, thus to reduce vehicle delay and improve traffic efficiency.

In actuated/adaptive control modes, the traffic signal controller makes intelligent judgment and analysis through the data obtained from the video vehicle detector, and automatically optimize the signal release time according to the actual intersection situation, which greatly improves the intersection release rate and reduces traffic congestion.

Pedestrian request function: When there is no pedestrian crossing, vehicle traffic lights will be always green to maintain the maximum green time to improve the traffic release efficiency of the junction, and only when the traffic controller received the request of pedestrian crossing, vehicle traffic signal will be converted to red light and pedestrian signal will be converted to green light for a certain preset time to ensure the safety of pedestrian crossing.

Sinowatcher has been in the traffic industry for long and with an experienced pre-sales and after-sales service team. We are committed to providing the professional traffic products and intelligent solutions for global partners. If any traffic project and technical support needs, welcome to contact us!








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