Radar Speed Sign

Radar Speed Sign

Radar Speed Sign

Enhance Road Safety with Our Radar Speed Signs

Our Radar speed signs are an effective and affordable way. These signs use advanced 24 GHz German Doppler radar technology to detect the speed of approaching vehicles and display the speed on a digital display to remind drivers to adhere to traffic regulations and enhance traffic safety.

General Specifications:

The general specifications of our radar speed signs are given below:

  • Display Type:Bright LED digital face
  • Speed Detection Range:Adjustable (10-250 km/h) to your desired speed limit with a max speed display limit of 199.
  • Speed Detection Distance:Adjustable (100-150-200 meters) as per the requirement.
  • Input Voltage:Solar powered DC12/24V, or AC85-265V
  • Material: Aluminum with Outdoors Powder coating
  • Size: Customizable to fit your needs

Benefits of Speed Limit Sign with Radar:

Benefits of Speed
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, our radar speed signs are designed to be durable and weatherproof with a special outdoor powder coating. They can operate flawlessly in various climates, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Energy-Efficient: Our radar speed signs are primarily solar-powered, an environmentally friendly approach that reduces operational costs while promoting sustainability. It can operate continuously for 7-10 days even on rainy days.
  • Easy Installation: They can be easily installed on posts or on the ground.Proven Performance: Our radar speed signs are 100% tested under strict supervision, and have a track record of delivering reliable and accurate speed detection, ensuring safer road conditions.
Benefits of Speed
  • Our radar speed signs are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, making us the right choice for your traffic management needs. The main advantages of our speed limit sign with radar include:
  • Precise Speed Detection: Our radar speed signs are equipped with advanced radar technology that accurately detects and displays the speed of approaching vehicles. This real-time information encourages drivers to adhere to speed limits, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • High Visibility: Featuring 8000 cd/m2 bright and easily readable digital face and 30° viewing angle, our speed limit sign with radar ensures that speed limit information is visible to all drivers, day or night, and in various weather conditions. This high visibility significantly improves compliance with posted speed limits.
  • Customizable Speed Limits: Our radar speed signs to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a school zone, residential area, or construction site, our signs can be customized to match your requirements.

For more information, please feel free to explore our website, or feel free to contact us today to discuss your traffic management needs and how our speed limit sign with radar can assist you.

Radar Speed Sign FAQS

Q: Why choose Sinowatcher?

We offer cost-effective and attractive radar speed sign featured with:

# Strong anti-interference and high accuracy built-in Doppler traffic radar.

# Varieties of power options.

# Industrial durable construction with aluminum enclosure

# Simple and universal mounting installation

# Working time settable.

# ISO 9001 Certified Quality Systems

Q: What are radar speed signs?

Radar speed sign, also known as driver feedback sign, is an effective and affordable traffic-calming device designed to slow speeding drivers down by alerting them of their speed and has been widely used in multiple locations like highway or areas where vehicles come in close proximity to pedestrians such as school zones, construction zones, residential areas, and college campuses. In some applications, they are also used to gather information to see if additional traffic control measures are needed or integrate with enforcement cameras for speeding capture.

Q: What does it consist of?

Radar speed signs/Driver feedback signs provided by Sinowatcher Technology are equipped with 24GHz German Doppler radar, embedded smart microcontroller, high-brightness LED face feedback display screen, and the user LCD screen as a programming interface. Its front speed limit panel is covered by the 3M diamond-grade reflective film, increasing the visual distance range up to 300 meters.

Q: What are its power supply modes?

We offer 3 options of power supply for a radar speed sign:

AC85-265V grid power input, solar-powered with solar panel, battery, and solar charger, or simply a rechargeable battery powered.

Q: Are radar speed signs really effective to enhance road safety?

It's proved by tests that radar speed signs, especially the type with face feedback are very effective to alert drivers of their driving speed and to push them slow down within the speed limit immediately, thus to enhance road safety, calm traffic and save lives.




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