All-in-one Solar LED Street Light

All-in-one Solar LED Street Light

Integrated design, simple, light-weight, practical.
mono-crystalline solar cell panel power, environmental-friendly – energy saving.
High Efficiency LED light source.
Infrared detection sensor enables light control.
Street fully illuminated only.
when detects pedestrians (according to programmed setting).
Save energy.
Multiple intelligent working modes, intelligent dimming.
Ability to program up to 7 days of working mode.
Using a high-capacity long-life battery, the life cycle of 3-5 years.
Intelligent working mode provides at least 7 days in rainy days.
No wiring – solar powered, easy installation.
Waterproof and dust-proof structure.

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All-in-one Solar LED Street Light Parameter
Model SW-AIO
Power 15-60W
Efficiency 145lm/w±5%lm
Solar Panel 17W-90W
Battery 11.1V/8Ah, 11.1V/14Ah, 11.1V/20Ah, 11.1V/22Ah are optional
Chip 3030
CRI 80
Beam Angle 80 °150°
IP grade IP65
Working Temperature -20℃ -50℃


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