Pedestrian Crossing Signal Controller

Pedestrian Crossing Signal Controller

  • Fixed time mode: vehicle flow in peak time.
  • Pedestrian requirements mode: vehicle flow in off peak daytime).
  • Yellow flashing mode: vehicle flow in off-peak time (middle night period).
  • Switch off mode: vehicle flow in off-peak time (earlier morning period).

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Pedestrian Crossing Signal Controller Parameter
Input Voltage Range 85 VAC- 265 VAC , 50/60Hz
Power Consumption ≤10W (unloaded)
Max. Output Load 100 watts per output
Working temperature -20°C to+ 70°C
Relative Humidity <95%
Settings Saving Time 10 years
Annualized Time Deviation <2.5min
Outputs 4 Groups of 3 Outputs each one (ST-TSC-M12-AC1)
Pedestrian Request Inputs 4 Opto-isolated inputs (ST-TSC-M12-AC1)
Ports Ethernet: RJ45 / RS232 / RS485 (ST-TSC-M 12-AC1)

Our Advanced Traffic Signal Controller for Pedestrian Safety

Our Advanced Traffic Signal Controller for Pedestrian Safety

Ensure a smooth flow of traffic and prioritize pedestrian safety with our innovative traffic signal controller. This intelligent system efficiently manages pedestrian crossings, optimizing traffic flow and creating a safer environment for everyone.

Applications and User-Friendly Design

Our traffic signal controller goes beyond simply offering pedestrian crossing functionality. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to regulate traffic flow and prioritize pedestrian safety. By synchronizing traffic signal timings and pedestrian walk signals, our signal light controller helps minimize congestion and reduce the risk of accidents at intersections. Here’s how it simplifies your traffic management:

Adaptable to Diverse Scenarios

This signal light controller caters to various intersection types, from busy urban crossings to quieter suburban areas. Its multiple operational modes allow for customization based on fluctuating traffic volume and pedestrian activity. Dynamic signal adjustments optimize traffic flow, ensuring efficient intersection management.

Seamless Integration

Our signal light controller system effortlessly integrates with existing traffic control infrastructure, including vehicle detection systems and push buttons, minimizing installation complexities, and compatibility to ensure a smooth transition, facilitating efficient traffic management.

User-Friendly Operation

An intuitive interface within the traffic signal controller simplifies programming and configuration, empowering traffic management personnel to adjust signal timings with ease. This enhanced usability streamlines operational efficiency, facilitating a quick response to changing traffic conditions.

Facilitating Safe Pedestrian Crossings

Here are some of the scenarios where our pedestrian crossing signal light controller can make a significant difference:
Busy Intersection Management

Busy Intersection Management

During peak hours, the system can prioritize pedestrian crossing phases based on real-time demand, reducing wait times and preventing congestion.

School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety

The controller can be programmed for extended pedestrian crossing times near schools, enhancing safety measures for children and pedestrians.

Low-Traffic Crossings

Low-Traffic Crossings

In areas with minimal pedestrian activity, the system can automatically adjust to a flashing yellow signal mode, optimizing energy consumption.

Rigorous Testing for Optimal Performance

At Sinowatcher, we prioritize product quality and ensure our traffic signal controller meets the highest standards. Our products undergo a series of rigorous tests, including:

Environmental Testing

The controllers are subjected to extreme temperature and weather conditions to guarantee reliable performance in any environment.

Electrical Testing

Thorough examination of electrical components ensures efficient power management and accurate signal operation. Stringent testing protocols validate the reliability and longevity of electrical systems, minimizing maintenance requirements.

Functional Testing

Comprehensive testing verifies all functionalities, including pedestrian crossing phases, vehicle detection, and signal light operation, ensuring system reliability and effectiveness.

By implementing these stringent quality control measures, we deliver a traffic signal controller you can trust.
Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced technology can revolutionize your pedestrian crossings and enhance overall traffic safety and efficiency.



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