Anti-glare Board

Anti-glare Board

  • Application – highway, urban roads.
  • Improve driver visibility in day/night.
  • Solid and elegant structure design.
  • Streamlined shape to minimize air resistance.
  • Easy installation with integrated base for bolts fixing.
  • Polycarbonate with high durability to external force.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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Our Anti-glare Board for Enhanced Highway Safety

Our Anti-glare Board for Enhanced Highway Safety

Imagine hurtling down a highway at night, only to be met with a wall of blinding headlights. This glare, a major safety hazard, can momentarily impair vision, increasing the risk of accidents. Fortunately, Sinowatcher’s anti-glare board acts as a forefront of traffic management solutions. Sinowatcher offers state-of-the-art products like the anti-glare boards and highway guardrails, and our commitment to excellence in road safety is reflected in our rigorous quality control processes. You can trust us to be your loyal partner

Anti-glare Board

Diverse Applications for Optimal Safety

Our anti-glare board and highway guardrail find applications in various scenarios, ranging from highways to urban roadways. The anti-glare board, when used in conjunction with the central guardrail, effectively minimizes headlight glare, promoting safer driving conditions at night. Our anti-glare board offers unparalleled protection, reducing the severity of accidents and safeguarding both motorists and pedestrians.
Curving roads
While commonly paired with highway guardrail, our anti-glare boards have a wider reach, ensuring safety in various scenarios:

Curving roads

Combat distracting glare on winding stretches where clear visibility is paramount.

Tunnel and bridge transitions

Ease the strain on drivers' eyes during abrupt shifts from bright to dark environments.

Construction zones

Shield workers and drivers from blinding lights, creating a safer work environment.

Anti-glare Board

Details You Care More About

Our highway guardrail anti-glare boards are typically made from durable and weatherproof polycarbonate. They function by redirecting or absorbing headlight glare, preventing it from reaching drivers’ eyes, which helps to improve road safety.

At Sinowatcher, we attach great importance to both the appearance and practicality of our products, so we adopt a streamlined design for our products, which can minimize the resistance caused by air. At the same time, high-quality and high-purity polycarbonate has strong Anti-ultraviolet and anti-damage effects that can better extend the life span.

Rigorous Testing

Guaranteeing Unwavering Quality

At Sinowatcher, we go above and beyond to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our every single anti-glare board undergoes meticulous testing, including:
Reflectivity measurements:

We meticulously measure the boards' ability to absorb headlight glare, guaranteeing maximum protection for drivers.

Durability tests:

The boards are exposed to harsh weather conditions, simulating real-world wear and tear to ensure they withstand the elements.

Impact resistance:

Testing simulates potential physical impacts, guaranteeing the boards maintain their structural integrity and protective capabilities.

Choosing Sinowatcher’s anti-glare boards for your highway guardrail is an investment in a safer future for all road users. Our commitment to quality materials, rigorous testing, and diverse applications sets us apart.
Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about our anti-glare board. Our Customer Support Engineers will answer all of your queries including pricing, specifications, order quantity, and delivery.

Anti-glare Board FAQS

Q:What is the material of this anti-glare board?

Most anti-glare boards in markets are made from PP, PE or cheaper glass fiber reinforced plastics. We are the only company in China that is able to provide pure polycarbonate version. Samples were sent to SGS for ISO4892-2:2013 testing (Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources).

Q: What is the main application of this anti-glare board?

Anti-glare board is usually used in combination with the central guardrail, central barrier on the road, to solve the glare of the headlights which can be a huge factor in blinding the drivers and cause accidents.

Q: What is the typical advantage of your anti-glare board?

Our anti-glare board is made from pure polycarbonate with high durability to external force and stronger UV-resistance.

Q: How is the anti-glare board installed?

Our anti-glare board is designed with two screw holes at the bottom of its integrated base, with which users can fix by two expansion screws.

Q: What is the color code of your anti-glare board?

It’s normally produced acc. to color code RAL 6029, mint green. Other color available upon quantity request.


Our Anti-glare Board for Enhanced Highway Safety
Curving roads

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