E100 Adaptive Coordinated Traffic Light Controller

E100 Adaptive Coordinated Traffic Light Controller

  • BRT control (optional).
  • VIP vehicle priority traffic control.
  • Manual phase stepping control.
  • Pedestrian crossing trigger control.
  • Centralized coordinate control by the command center.
  • Multi – periods of fixed time control.
  • Self – adaptive arterial and area coordinate control.
  • Off-line arterial and area coordinate control.
  • Wireless coordinate control via an optional GPS module.
  • Single point self-adaptive control.
  • Actuated/semi-actuated control.
  • Traffic data acquisition and analysis.
  • Malfunction detection and alarm.
  • Yellow flashing and all red modes.
  • Over-voltage protection.
  • Door-opening alarm.
  • Mobile terminal operation (optional mobile phone or pad).

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E100 Adaptive Coordinated Traffic Light Controller Parameter
Signal output 56-Way, extendable to 112-way
Input detection interface 28 Vehicle inputs; 8 pedestrian request inputs dry contact or OC transistor output, RJ45
Presettable time base schedule 40 Presettable stage table 16
Presettable period table 16 Max stage no.for each stage table 16
Max time periods no.of each period table 48 Presettable phase number 24
Presettable plans 32
Interface Type
Standard EIA level RS232 3, Baud rate: 1200bps-115200bps
RS485 interface 1, Used for count-down timer communication
Network interface 1, 10M/100M Adaptive
USB 2.0 interface 1
GPS interface 1, With GPS time service
Pedestrian request interface 2,Dry contact signal (optional)
Flashing yellow controller interface 1 For the optocoupler output, 1 is connected to the OC transistor output

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