Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals In-ground RG LED Brick Light

Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals In-ground RG LED Brick Light

  • Application-urban traffic signaling.
  • Durable polycarbonate casing.
  • High intensity LED light source-low energy consumption.
  • High power LED (DIP).
  • Long life cycle-more than 100,000 working hours.
  • Fully sealant inside with excellent ingress grade.
  • Modular design-easy installation and maintenance.
  • Optional power adaptor to directly integrate with signal controller.
  • Compliance with CE, RoHS, ISO9001.

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Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals In-ground RG LED Brick Light Parameter
Input voltage DC24V
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃
Service life 100,000Hrs.
Housing Pure polycarbonate
Weight resistance in static >50t
Installation Embedded in ground

RG LED Brick Light for Pedestrian Safety

RG LED Brick Light for Pedestrian Safety

Navigating busy intersections can be a challenge, especially for pedestrians. Traditional crosswalk light installations, while helpful, often lack the attention-grabbing power needed in bustling environments. This is where our innovative in-ground LED brick signals come into play, transforming crosswalks into vibrant beacons of safety and clarity.

Crosswalk Light Redefined

At the heart of our commitment to road safety is the In-Ground LED Brick light Signal. More than just a walking signal light, it's a state-of-the-art crosswalk light that discreetly integrates into crosswalks, revolutionizing the way we approach pedestrian safety.

Walking Signal Light Applications

Imagine a busy urban intersection where pedestrians need more than just a traditional crosswalk light. The In-Ground LED Brick Signal steps in, providing clear and visible walking signal light embedded directly into the pavement. Ideal for crosswalks, pedestrian zones, and intersections, these lights enhance visibility for both pedestrians and motorists.

LED Brick Light Advantages

In case you are wondering why you should choose our LED brick light for crosswalks, here are a few advantages:
LED Brick Light Advantages
The LED lights embedded in the pavement ensure optimal visibility day and night, even in adverse weather conditions.
Aesthetic Integration
Our In-Ground LED Brick Signal seamlessly integrates into urban environments, adding a touch of sophistication to cityscapes.
Built to withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicular pressure, our LED brick light is durable and long-lasting.
Low Maintenance
With quality materials and robust construction, our crosswalk light collection, has good stability, good sealing, a high waterproof level, is not easy to break, and low later maintenance cost.

Quality Testing and Manufacturing Standards

Ensuring the reliability and performance of our In-Ground LED Brick Signal is a top priority. Our quality control measures involve rigorous testing procedures, guaranteeing that each unit meets and exceeds industry standards.

Applications Beyond Crosswalks

While the In-Ground LED Brick Signal excels in crosswalks, its applications extend far beyond these. Some of the ways of implementing these lights are: School Zones, Parking Lots, Recreational Areas, Residential Communities

Choose Sinowatcher for Road Safety

In a world where pedestrian safety is paramount, we at Sinowatcher, and our In-Ground LED Brick light collection are here to illuminate the path to safety. As the leaders in the innovative traffic solutions industry, we continue to redefine industry standards. Please feel free to contact us anytime, and our customer support staff will address all of your queries whether they are regarding our products, pricing, or quality control and safety standards.
You are always welcome to take a virtual tour of our state-ofthe-art factory, where precision and innovation are our workculture. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stepof the manufacturing process of our crosswalk lights.
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LED Brick Light Advantages

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