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With 12 years of experience in the traffic light manufacturing industry.

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Pedestrian traffic lights meet the customized needs of most cities.

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Energy saving and environmental protection.

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Cost-effective Pedestrian Crossing Control System Solution.

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Sinowatcher is a professional manufacturer of high-tech integrated traffic solutions and road safety equipment. we are committed to providing a range of energy-saving traffic solutions and traffic signals products such as: LED Traffic Signal Lights, Countdown Timers, Traffic Signal Controllers, Lane Control Cross-Arrow Lights, Wireless Vehicle Detection Systems, Road Studs, etc.


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Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd.

Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd. is a traffic light manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China. With vast industry experience, Our team is keen on innovation, development and manufacture of various high-quality comprehensive traffic solutions, traffic lights and road safety products.

As a traffic signal company dealing mostly in Led traffic lights. Some of the products Sinowatcher produces include; LED traffic signal lights, traffic countdown timers, traffic signal controllers, lane control cross-arrow lights, wireless vehicle detection systems, road studs, solar warning lights, LED street lights, LED high bay, AIO street lights, etc.

As a traffic light manufacturer, Sinowatcher guarantees its customers the best product available with the high-quality traffic equipment and after-sales services. We are at the forefront of innovation and technology with the inception of their new LED traffic signal lights which are a game changer with benefits outweighing those of conventional traffic lights.

Sinowatcher adheres to quality, efficiency, excellence, and high standards while still providing low-cost, low-maintenance, and profitable equipment that will not disappoint you. All our products have passed the Quality management certification and approval and adhere to ISO9001:2015 certification requirements.


Sinowatcher: Traffic Light Manufacturer

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring smooth and efficient traffic flow is crucial for urban and rural communities. Sinowatcher, as leading traffic light manufacturer, is dedicated to providing comprehensive traffic signal solutions that enhance safety, reduce congestion, and optimize traffic management as a criterion.  

With a rich legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, we, at Sinowatcher Traffic Signal Company, specialize in providing cutting-edge traffic solutions that redefine road safety and traffic management. Explore our diverse range of products, including LED traffic lights, pedestrian traffic lights, bicycle traffic lights, traffic light controllers etc.

Diverse Traffic Signal Products for Every Need

Sinowatcher traffic light manufacturer is committed to road safety and offers a range of products to prevent Dangerous accidents

Traffic Light Controllers

Traffic Light Controllers

Our advanced traffic light controllers are the brains behind efficient traffic management. Programmable and adaptable, these controllers optimize traffic flow, reducing congestion and enhancing overall transportation efficiency. As a traffic signal company, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for diverse traffic scenarios.

Road Studs

Road Studs

Enhance road visibility and delineation with our road studs. As a trusted traffic light manufacturer, we provide road studs that are durable, weather-resistant, and serve as essential markers for various road conditions.

LED Traffic Lights

LED Traffic Lights

Our LED traffic lights are crafted precisely to ensure optimal visibility and durability. As a trusted traffic light manufacturer, we integrate advanced LED technology, enhancing brightness and energy efficiency. From standard signal lights to customizable solutions, Make We LED traffic lights Have very strong environmental adaptability.

Pedestrian Crossings
Pedestrian crossings by Sinowatcher traffic signal company prioritize safety, utilizing clear signals and smart technology. Our crossings are designed to facilitate pedestrians' smooth and secure movement, contributing to safer urban environments.
Bicycle Traffic Lights
Promoting cyclist safety is paramount. Our bicycle traffic lights provide dedicated signals for cyclists, improving traffic flow and reducing the risk of accidents. Sinowatcher, as a traffic signal light manufacturer, ensures that our bicycle traffic lights adhere to the highest quality and visibility standards.
Pedestrian Traffic Lights
Prioritizing pedestrian safety, our pedestrian traffic lights are designed with clear signals and intuitive crosswalk management. As Established more than 10 years of traffic signal company, we recognize the importance of pedestrianfriendly intersections, and our solutions are tailored to enhance safety for all road users.
Radar Speed Signs
Monitor and manage vehicle speed effectively with our radar speed signs. These signs provide real-time feedback to drivers, promoting safer driving habits and contributing to accident prevention.


Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing us as your bulk traffic light manufacturer:
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Innovation and Technology

Sinowatcher traffic signal light manufacturer integrates cutting-edge technology into every product, ensuring reliable and efficient traffic solutions.

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Quality Assurance

As a renowned traffic signal light manufacturer, we adhere to stringent quality standards, delivering products that withstand the test of time.

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Our solutions are tailored to meet specific traffic management needs, providing flexibility and adaptability.

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Safety First

We are dedicated to creating safer roads, and prioritizing the well-being of all road users.


Quality & Warranty

Quality & Warranty

Our enterprise is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Sinowatcher's product delivers great results that inspire confidence in our customers all through the guaranteed five-year warranty.

Service & Expertise

Service & Expertise

Vast experience in the field, knowledge of various standards, attentive pre- and post-sale service, and extended local technical assistance in specific areas.

Delivery & Response

Delivery & Response

As a traffic signal company, we offer a quick response to your requests and orders, quick delivery, automated SMT/DIP equipment, and effective assembly production lines. Delivery time of our traffic signals products is within 5 days.

Continuous Innovation and Product Personalization

Continuous Innovation and Product Personalization

Our knowledgeable and skilled technical team contributes to quick and high-quality customization and ongoing improvement of our traffic solutions.

Traffic Light

Sinowatcher is a traffic light manufacturer and traffic signal company. At Sinowatcher we are keen on innovation and we have developed and introduced a new series of LED traffic signal lights. Our new LED lights are the most recent technological advancements, and they outperform conventional traffic lights in terms of brightness, visibility, energy efficiency, and maintenance costs. Different types of LED traffic lights are available, including full ball modules, arrow shape modules, and pedestrian light modules,and with various lens options. Our modules are compatible with standard housings, the housing is made of polycarbonate,UV-light resistant.

Road Safety

Sinowatcher is a manufacturer of road traffic lights,we offer a popular range of traffic solution,and traffic warning light Products in both DC and AC versions They are designed to ensure traffic safetyin high accident areas or during active road construction.

LED Lighting

Sinowatcher has made outstanding achievements in LED lighting, and the produced LED street lights have a highly abstract, modern, and environmentally friendly style. sat sfy the requirements for new construction and remodeling projects of residential streets, city streets, public squares, etc., sinowatcher offers a wide array of lighting fixtures, styles, and innovative optical designs with hundreds of photometric LED


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