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Pedestrian traffic lights from Sinowacher

  • Pedestrian traffic light is a traffic device that assists pedestrians in crossing the road safely and guides them on when it is safe to do so. Its primary function is to create a safe crossing environment for pedestrians, ensure road traffic remains smooth, and protect pedestrian safety. Intersections without pedestrian traffic lights are more prone to traffic accidents and road congestion. Therefore, pedestrian traffic lights are crucial devices that ensure both pedestrian and traffic safety.
  • Sinowatcher Technology is an internationally well-known traffic light supplier. We are providing our products in more than 80 countries including South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, the middle east, and more.
  • Sinowacher manufactures a wide variety of products including traffic countdown timers, LED traffic signal lights, lane control cross-arrow lights, traffic signal controllers, pedestrian crossing lights, and many more.

In our pedestrian traffic light series, we have 200mm to 300mm square and round traffic lights and pedestrian countdown lights available in different patterns. These lights are designed for wide-voltage power supply, catering to the diverse application needs of different markets. The optical design, utilizing pure PC lenses, ensures even light distribution while providing excellent durability and UV resistance, thereby ensuring clear visibility under varying weather conditions.

Pedestrian Traffic Light
Pedestrian Traffic Light
  • The pedestrian traffic lights have an optimal viewing angle which also minimizes the anti-phantom effect. we use high-quality LEDs with imported chips, and they last longer compared to others. The long life cycle ensures more than 80,000 working hours.
  • The housings of our pedestrian traffic lights are made from a highly durable polycarbonate shell and are UV resistant. Easy to install and maintain.
  • The working temperature of pedestrian traffic lights is -40℃ ~ +80℃. The standard accessories of the product are brackets (L-shaped and arms-shaped are optional), sun visors, and we send them with the main products. Optional contrast board, square tube, All of our products are certified by well-known organizations like CE, RoHS, EN12368, and ISO9001. These certificates prove that all of our products are made of high-quality products and they are safe to use.

Pedestrian Traffic Light FAQS

Q: What brand of led is used for pedestrian traffic light?

For 5mm DIP we use EPISTAR; for High flux SMD we will use NICHIA.

Q: What is the IP grade?

For pedestrian traffic light are IP54, for traffic light modules are IP65.

Q: How many input voltages does the pedestrian traffic light have?

We have wide voltage AC85V-265V, low voltage DC12-24V.

Q: Do you accept customization?

Sure, we have helped numerous clients with customized designs, including incorporating their company logos or national elements to create a unique and personalized product.

Q: What color is the pedestrian traffic light shell?

Black - standard,Yellow or Green-optional.

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