Over 200 intersection installations in South America

As urban traffic continues to grow, road safety becomes increasingly crucial. LED traffic lights, with their energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long life-span, are gradually becoming the ideal replacement for traditional traffic lights. We have provided LED traffic light solutions in several South American cities, government highly approves of our products and after-sales service

Product Advantages

High Brightness and Clarity: Visible even under direct sunlight for enhanced traffic safety.

Energy Efficient: Uses 1/3 of the energy of traditional traffic lights, lowering costs and emissions.

Long Lifespan: Up to 80,000 hours, minimizing maintenance costs.

Intelligent Control: Adjusts signal timing in real-time to optimize traffic flow.


Professional After-sales Service

Quick Response: Address service requests within 24 hours.

Technical Support: Provide expert guidance and training.

Product link/product/300mm-high-flux-ryg-full-ball-vehicle-traffic-light/

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