LED Street Light

LED Street Light

LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
X10 led street lights

Sinowatcher LED Street Light Manufacturer

As a well-renowned LED street light manufacturer, we offer a wide range of LED street light collections to meet the needs of any project, from small residential streets to major highways. Our LED street lights are designed to last for many years and to provide superior lighting performance.

These lamps have a lower power consumption and have been installed at the same height as the conventional ones, offering us a greater lighting area, with which the installation of a few can cover the need to maintain a well-lit sidewalk for the safe transit of people.

At Sinowatcher, we work with these high-efficiency led lamps, conditioned for difficult environments such as cold or rain, meeting quality standards in terms of lumens per watt and overload protection.

Why Choose Our LED Street Light Series?

Our LED street lights are manufactured with the highest quality components and materials. We use the best quality LED chips and drivers to ensure that our streetlights provide superior lighting performance and reliability. Moreover, our LED street lights offer several benefits over traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lights, including:

Energy Efficiency:

Our LED street lights are meticulously designed to optimize energy consumption. With advanced technology, we ensure maximum illumination using minimal power, leading to significant energy savings for your projects.

AdvantageExceptional Durability:

Our LED street lights are built to last. Crafted from robust materials, our lights are weather-resistant and endure harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for various outdoor applications.

Long lifespan:

LED street lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which is much longer than the lifespan of HPS street lights. This means that LED street lights require less maintenance and replacement, which can further save municipalities money.

High Luminosity:

Experience unmatched brightness with our LED street lights. Engineered with precision, our lights provide superior illumination, enhancing visibility and safety on roads, pathways, and public spaces.

Customized Solutions:

Being an experienced LED Street light manufacturer, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of LED street light series, including X11, X5, X9, X7, X10, X6, X4, M2, M1, and S1. Each series is tailored to meet specific lighting requirements, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Environmentally Friendly:

As an LED Street Light manufacturer with a focus on the environment, our LED street lights are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional lighting solutions. They produce minimal heat, emit no harmful UV rays, and significantly reduce carbon emissions. In addition, our LED Street light doesn’t contain mercury which is considered to be harmful to the environment.

Easy Installation:

Each of our LED Street light is designed for hassle-free installation. Our lights come with user-friendly features, enabling swift setup and integration into existing control plataform.

Why Sinowatcher LED Street Light Manufacturer?

At Sinowatcher, we are committed to providing exceptional LED street lights that combine innovation, durability, and energy efficiency. As a customer-focused LED street light manufacturer, we prioritize your needs, ensuring you receive top-notch products and unmatched service.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any assistance regarding your lighting needs.

LED Street Light FAQS

Q: How many watts of street light and how height of pole for urban road and highway?

Urban road :

street light 60-200w

pole : 4-12m

Highway :

street light : 100-250w

pole : 10-20m

Q: Do you have special request on led street light luminous efficiency ?

110-130lm/w is more commen, but can do higher luminous efficiency , like 130-150lm/w or 150-170lm/w.

Q: How many years warranty of led street light ?

3 years、5 years、8 years

Q: Quel type de rapport de test / certificat avez-vous pour le luminaire de rue à LED ?

Black、Gray 、Others

Q: What kind of test report/certificate do you have for led street light?


Q: Can you provide IES documents for led street light?

Yes, we can do optical simulation according to demand




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