Mini Traffic Light

Mini Traffic Light

Small Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light
125mm RYG Mini Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light
Mini Traffic Light

Mini Traffic Light Collection for Traffic Management

At Sinowatcher, we take pride in being leading bulk manufacturers of top-tier traffic safety products, including our highly acclaimed Mini Traffic Light designs. In an era where safety is paramount, our small traffic light collection stands out as efficient, reliable, and precisely engineered solutions, ensuring enhanced road safety for communities and businesses alike.

Versatility in Every Aspect:

What sets our Mini Traffic Light range apart is its versatility. Whether it’s the 125mm small traffic light or the compact 26mm small traffic light pixel cluster, they can be combined into various traffic management tools/signs such as arrow board and lane control signals.

Versatility in Every Aspect
Precision Engineering for Enhanced Safety

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Safety:

Our Mini Traffic Light collection is a testament to precision engineering. Crafted with care and expertise, these lights are available in various sizes, including 100mm, 125mm, 52mm, and 26mm options, catering to diverse traffic management needs. Featuring cobweb lenses, clear lenses, and LED pixel clusters, our mini traffic lights are designed for optimal visibility at areas with limited space such as narrow streets, parking lots, pedestrian crossing, and bike lanes etc., ensuring that drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can easily comprehend traffic signals.

Innovation and Efficiency:

Our commitment to innovation and efficiency drives the design and manufacturing of our Mini Traffic Lights. LED technology ensures energy efficiency without compromising brightness or clarity. These lights are engineered for longevity, ensuring consistent performance over time. When it comes to enhancing road safety, our mini traffic light designs are not just products; they are solutions designed for the future. Our small traffic light collection features the following:

  • 110 and 220 Input voltage support for different regions.
  • Low energy consumption design makes them highly efficient.
  • Even light distribution by cobweb polycarbonate lens.
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, and UV resistant.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
Traffic Signal Lights for Sale

Traffic Signal Lights for Sale:

Looking for reliable, cost-effective traffic signal lights for sale? Your search ends here. Our Mini Traffic Light collection offers unmatched quality, durability, and value. Whether you need a single module or a complete set of small traffic light, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

At Sinowatcher, our dedication to road safety goes beyond manufacturing exceptional products. It’s about creating safer environments for everyone. Partner with us, and together, let’s pave the way for safer roads and more efficient traffic management solutions.

About Us:

At Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd., we are more than manufacturers; we are innovators dedicated to enhancing road safety. With a rich heritage of excellence and a forward-thinking approach, we are your trusted partner for cutting-edge traffic safety products.

For inquiries and to explore our comprehensive range of traffic safety solutions, please explore our website, or feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our traffic signal lights for sale.

Mini Traffic Light FAQS

Q: What brand of led is used for mini traffic lights?

For 5mm DIP we use EPISTAR.

Q: What are the advantages of using mini traffic lights?

Mini traffic lights are ideal for areas where space is limited, such as pedestrian crossings, parking lots, and bike lanes. They are energy-efficient, durable, and customizable, making them a cost-effective and reliable solution for traffic control.

Q: How many input voltages does the mini traffic light have?

Nous avons une large plage de tension de AC85V à 265V, ainsi qu'une basse tension de DC10 à 30V.

Q: How long is the warranty period of mini traffic lights?

3 years.

Q: The housing color are optional of small traffic light?

Black - standard, Yellow or Green

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