Innovative Crossing Solution in the Middle East

In this issue, I would like to introduce an intersection solution in the Middle East.

The solution includes an integrated signal light, Crosswalk Warning Bollards, a Push Button, and Speaker, and one 12-way controller at each intersection.


This solution can be applied to pedestrian requests on main roads.

Normally, the vehicle lights are always green, allowing vehicles to move freely.

When a pedestrian crossing request is triggered, the traffic lights change dramatically, accompanied by a voice reminder, which effectively enhances the safety of pedestrian crossings.

Crosswalk Warning Bollards 2 Crosswalk Warning Bollards 3

We communicated for months during the entire process. we determined the needs by making simulation videos and confirming the final effect through on-site construction and frequent video communication, adjustments, and tests.

The customer sent us back videos of the site, and the scheme is running very well now.


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