Crosswalk Signals Smart Pedestrian Warning Bollards

Crosswalk Signals Smart Pedestrian Warning Bollards

  • Sheet metal case, height 1.2 meters.
  • Use P10/P5 bright red-green display module.
  • Infrared detection technology.
  • Power-down memory backup function.
  • Lightning protection; watchdog stable operation.
  • high-quality MP3 module is embedded, supporting MP3 format audio files.
  • Built-in 20W waterproof speaker sounds loud and clear.
  • Built-in clock time switch function.
  • Remote wireless control function available – able to set the period of volume, custom switch machine time and other functions via remote handheld device.
  • Support manual volume adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to various occasions; can be customized for automatic 7-level volume.

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Acc. to real-time detected visibility value, the system can automatically perform corresponding guidance strategy by adjusting brightness, color, flashing frequency, working mode, etc. of illuminant lamps, thus to remind drivers to maintain safe speed and headway.
Crosswalk Signals Smart Pedestrian Warning Bollards Parameter
Working voltage 220VAC ± 20% (50Hz/60Hz)
Signal input 220VAC ± 20% (50Hz/60Hz)
Display P10 Red & Green Bi-color(P5 full color available)
Speaker volume adjustable for 0-120dB
Sensing distance up to 10 meters
Size 1200mm (height)*20mm (length)*20mm (width)
Material Sheet metal (aluminum alloy)
Color Traffic yellow
Working temperature -30℃ ~ +55℃

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