Portable Solar Powered Traffic Light-Four Sides

Portable Solar Powered Traffic Light-Four Sides

  • Flexible and fast deployment with each direction of each portable light.
  • 600m- 1.5km wireless communication distance between each signal.
  • Multi signal control modes.
  • Adopting user-friendly wireless hand-held device setting and operation.

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一体式太阳能交通灯   The portable traffic light uses advanced GFSK 490MHz communication to phase and monitor signals in different directions to avoid confiicts or failures . Both models offer multiple options to provide safe and efficient traffic control for a variety of short term applications.
Portable Traffic Light-Four Side Parameter
Base (Total Height) T=15 iron (3m)
Viewing Distance > 500m
Battery(Gel) DC12V/50AH
Wind Resistance ≥1.5 KN /m2
Signal Control Wireless signal controller(DC 10-30V)

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