Y1 Series LED Yard Light

Y1 Series LED Yard Light

  • High strength aluminum alloy die-casting body.
  • Stalinist glass cover, high light transmittance.
  • Surface dusting process
  • Outdoor protection against strong corrosion, easy to clean.
  • Available with 0-10V / PWM / DALi Dimming mode.
  • Photocell sensor, Microwave motion sensor.
  • Simple structure design, reliable performance.
  • Easy maintenance, self-cleaning.

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Y1 Series LED Yard Light Parameter
Electrical 100-277V AC (other input voltage optional)
Total harmonic distortion:<10% at full load
EMI: Title 47 CFR Part 15, Class A
Ratings Suitable for wet location
Optical enclosure rated =IP65 per (ANSIC136.25-2009) (IEC 60529)
-40℃ -60℃/20%-100%RH
Applied Environment Marine Environment(corrosion resistant)
Rainstorm (water-proof)( IP65 protection grade)
Snow / Cold Weather (cold-resistant)
Lightning & Grid Surge(external surge protector)
Sand Storm(resistant to sand and dust)

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