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Anti-glare Board
Anti-glare Board
Anti-glare Board
Anti-glare Board
Anti-glare Board
Anti-glare Board

Anti-glare Board

  • Application – highway, urban roads.
  • Improve driver visibility in day/night.
  • Solid and elegant structure design.
  • Streamlined shape to minimize air resistance.
  • Easy installation with integrated base for bolts fixing.
  • Polycarbonate with high durability to external force.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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anti glare board



Anti-glare Board FAQS

Q:What is the material of this anti-glare board?

Most anti-glare boards in markets are made from PP, PE or cheaper glass fiber reinforced plastics. We are the only company in China that is able to provide pure polycarbonate version. Samples were sent to SGS for ISO4892-2:2013 testing (Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources).

Q: What is the main application of this anti-glare board?

Anti-glare board is usually used in combination with the central guardrail, central barrier on the road, to solve the glare of the headlights which can be a huge factor in blinding the drivers and cause accidents.

Q: What is the typical advantage of your anti-glare board?

Our anti-glare board is made from pure polycarbonate with high durability to external force and stronger UV-resistance.

Q: How is the anti-glare board installed?

Our anti-glare board is designed with two screw holes at the bottom of its integrated base, with which users can fix by two expansion screws.

Q: What is the color code of your anti-glare board?

It’s normally produced acc. to color code RAL 6029, mint green. Other color available upon quantity request.