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Our Road Stud Collection for Improved Road Safety


Our Road studs, including solar road studs and intelligent road studs, have been specifically designed for improved traffic management and safety of both drivers and pedestrians particularly at night and during adverse weather conditions. We offer a wide range of road stud products catering to different traffic needs.

Our Road Stud Products and Types

Solar road stud:

A solar road stud is powered by solar energy and does not require any external power source. It is ideal for use in remote areas or where there is no access to electricity.

Intelligent aluminium road studs:

Our Intelligent road studs can be programmed to display different colors and communicative function.can be used to guide traffic, warn drivers of hazards, or provide other information.

Plastic road studs:

plastic road studs are lightweight and durable. They can support a weight of 10 tons.

road stud
road stud
road stud

General Specifications of Our Solar Road Stud Products

Our solar road stud products are manufactured to the following specifications:


Material: Aluminum, plastic                                          Power source: Solar or DC power

Light source: LED                                                              Waterproofing: IP68

Lifespan: Min 3 years to generally over 5 years         Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C



Benefits of Our Road Studs

Our Road studs offer a number of benefits, including:


Our road studs are solar-powered, harnessing the energy of the sun to illuminate the roads. This eco-friendly solution reduces energy costs and promotes sustainability.

Extended service life:

Road studs are made from durable materials that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Variety of Designs:

We offer a wide range of intelligent road studs to suit various applications.

Easy installation and maintenance:

Road studs are relatively easy to install and maintain.

 road stud

Benefits of Road Studs

Improved road safety:

Road studs can help to reduce accidents by improving driver visibility and awareness of the road.

Reduced traffic congestion:

Road stud can help to improve traffic flow by delineating the road and guiding traffic.

Lane separation:

Road studs can be used to separate different lanes, assisting drivers in keeping their vehicles on the correct lanes.

Traffic slowing zones:

In areas where a reduction in speed is necessary, such as school zones, residential communities, or commercial districts, road studs can be used to remind drivers to slow down, ensuring pedestrian safety.

 road stud

About Us

Road Studs FAQS

Q: How many tons the weight Resistance of the road studs in static ?

>80 ton and >15Tons depends on the road studs type

Q: How many years for the warranty of road studs ?

3 year

Q: What certificates do you have road studs ?


Q: How long for the lifespan of road studs ?

+ 5 years

Q: Where are the road studs usually installed ?

Middle of the road or road side


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