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Road Studs

At city traffic junctions, drivers are permanently guided by the traffic light that tells them when to go and stop, but many times the traffic light is a long-distance across the avenue, which may even be 4 or 6 lanes. For these cases, some cities choose to add repeaters close to drivers to help them with this problem.

In Sinowatcher they have thought about that and a type of traffic light device was developed which has the 3 lights of the vehicular traffic light and works in coordination with them. This cross is installed on a line 2 meters away from the vehicle or near the pedestrian line to complement the work of the traffic light.

It is designed with a high degree of protection against dust and water as well as supporting a large amount of weight thanks to its compact coating. As it is low consumption it does not require large network resources and in turn, manages to help in the visualization of the changes of crossing lights.

Road Studs FAQS

Q: How many tons the weight Resistance in static ?

>80 ton and >15Tons depends on the road studs type

Q: How many years for the warranty ?

3 year

Q: What kind of certificates do you have ?


Q: How long for the lifespan ?

+ 5 years

Q: Where it can be installed

Middle of the road or road side

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