Road Flare Warning Light

Road Flare Warning Light

  • Complete waterproof (IP67) & high durability.
  • Offers 16pcs 5mm LED lighting color: Orange.
  • Super brightness: Visual Distance 500-800m.
  • Flash mode 55-65 times/ 1 minute.
  • Light run-in circle 100-120 rounds/ 1 minute.
  • Charger 220V + lock in the end OR Charger for car 12V + lock in the end.
  • Fast battery charging: 2H/pcs.
  • Longer standby: ≥15H in Flashing Mode / ≥7H in steady lighting mode.
  • Easy installing: Magnetic buckle type and hanging type are availed.
  • Strong magnetic base will hold unit on moving vehicle.
  • Ultra-bright luminance, ≤ 300 meters can be seen at day, ≤ 800 meters can be seen at night.
  • Very easy appliance/directly ready for use.
  • 360 degree viewing angle.
  • Shock Resistant Body.
  • Areas of use:Roadway safety,Cars,Trucks,Military,Rescue-, Construction-, Public Authority and Special-vehicles, Security, Job,Leisure,Sport- and Sailing Boats.

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Road Flare Warning Light Parameter
Product Size  11*3.5mm
Body Material PC+TPU
Direct charging USB, Type-C
LED Color 16pcs leds (Orange )
Work temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃

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