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Traffic Detector

Several parts of the world, large cities manage high vehicular flow crossings by means of traffic cameras with turns or magnetic induction loops, but these control options require a high investment in personnel and spare parts. In the first one, a structure is needed to place the camera and for the second one, it is necessary to periodically change because the loop ends broken due to the flow of vehicles.

Sinowatcher thinking about this problem has developed a sensor model that allows us to keep a record of the vehicle flow in each lane, detect speed, the size of the queue in the lane, and work together with the crossing controller. All these data are obtained wirelessly from the crossing and are transmitted to both the controller and the city control center.

Traffic Detector FAQS

Q: What types of vehicle detectors are you providing?

We provide two types of vehicle detectors: wireless vehicle detector and loop detector.

Both are applied with geomagnetic detection technology with high accuracy rate.

Q: What are differences between the above two types of vehicle detection system?

Loop detection asks for wired connection between loop cables and loop detector, while wireless vehicle detection system adopts 2.4GHz wireless communication between sensors and access point.

Q: What’s the system composition of wireless vehicle detection system?

The system includes Wireless Vehicle Detector, Access Point (Router), Repeater, intersection or section acquisition center device, urban center server (including database server), and management client software.

Q: In what applications can we use the wireless vehicle detection system?

Featured with easy installation and maintenance, the wireless vehicle detection system are widely used for many applications like traffic signal actuation and adaptive control, ramp metering and speed violation, entrance access system – counting vehicles, headway times for road traffic saturation detection, etc.

Q: What are the benefits of wireless vehicle detection system?

Compared with other types of vehicle detection, wireless vehicle detection system is featured with high detection accuracy rate, powerful global free frequency band of 2.4GHz ISM(ZigBee), automatic self-calibration, unique address per unit, 5 Year expected battery life, easy installation and maintenance and reduced installation costs.

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