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Pedestrian Crossing

There are sectors of the roads that adjoin institutions such as hospitals and schools. Said entities concentrate variable flows of pedestrians, which are reduced in hours and others of great affluence. Considering that the road must have vehicular traffic continuity, Sinowatcher presents an economic and adaptable solution to the situation through on-demand pedestrian crossing controls. Taking advantage of the use of a keypad or pedestrian detector, we will allow vehicles to be stopped only if there is a need for people to cross, otherwise the vehicles will have a constant green step.

Pedestrian Crossing FAQS

Q: Why we have to pay more attention to enhance pedestrian safety nowadays?

With the implementation of BRT systems & Metro lines in cities, thousands of people run at rush hours without any consideration of traffic lights. Every day accidents appear, in most of the cases the accidents are caused by a pedestrian, there are many reasons:

They didn't put attention to any sign before and when crossing.

They walk and talk on the phone

They run just on the last seconds of the pedestrian stage time

Youth usually walk looking down at their smartphones

Q: What products are you offering for safety control of pedestrian crossing?

To improve or compensate the performance of traditional traffic lights, Sinowatcher Technology has been dedicated to develop and offer more products to enhance pedestrian safety, including in-ground traffic light, acoustic signals, pedestrian push button, and hardwired road studs.

Q: Why traditional pedestrian traffic lights are not enough to regulate pedestrian crossing?

The regular traffic lights and signs are mostly 200 mm & 300 mm, however, lights are usually looking at one direction and there are some blind spots when people are crossing in the middle of the crowd.

People run at rush hour just looking to the front, no taking time for paying attention to traffic light aside. Including the wearable and wireless devices, they cover their ears by music or incoming calls so they just walk following the next person in front of them, just make a quick look at the feet of people to decide if crossing or not.

Q: What is zombie light or in-ground traffic light?

Zombie light or in-ground traffic light is an additional light installed on the floor, making rows that cover up to 1-2mts long for big zebra crossing at the stations of mass transportation systems. It's a new solution to consider those pedestrians who are using smartphones at pedestrian crossings and expose themselves to a risk of being hit by a passing vehicle. Hence, it will enhance pedestrian safety at crosswalks.

Q: What are differences between mechanical pedestrian push button and Contactless Pedestrian push button?

The traditional mechanical pedestrian push button is only a magnetic switch functioning as a request button to traffic signal controller, while the contactless pedestrian push button is a kind of inductive pedestrian crossing request device which is a more advanced version of the typical pedestrian push button. It is only needed to place the hand close to the device, about 5 - 10 cm, without actually touching it and the request is activated. Therefore, it’s very clean, hygienic, and convenient in winter when pedestrians wear gloves. It also provides voice confirmation, LED back-light reminders, and countdown timers to display the actual remaining time.

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