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LED Street Light

Worldwide, the change in traditional public lighting of incandescent bulbs, sodium, or mercury vapor is being incorporated for one of greater efficiency and with less cost than that of led lamps.

These lamps have a lower power consumption and have been installed at the same height as the conventional ones, offering us a greater lighting area, with which the installation of a few can cover the need to maintain a well-lit sidewalk for the safe transit of people.

At Sinowatcher, we work with these high-efficiency led lamps, conditioned for difficult environments such as cold or rain, meeting quality standards in terms of lumens per watt and overload protection.

LED Street Light FAQS

Q: How many watts do you have?

30W~300W, according to the model and your requirements

Q: What is the voltage range?

100-277VAC b. 220-240VAC c. 248-528VAC d. Others

Q: How about the led color temperature?


Q: What is the color of housing do you have?

Black b. Gray c. Others

Q: How many years of the warranty you can provide?

3 years b. 5 years c. 8 years

Q: Can you provide IES documents?

Yes, we can do optical simulation according to demand

Q: What kind of led driver?

The driver can be SOSEN, MEANWELL, MOSO, Inventronics.

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