Sinowatcher X11 Model Led Street Light

Sinowatcher X11 model led street light

Sinowatcher X11 model led street light



high way/flyover/city street/sidewalk/square/school/residential district/industrial area/park etc.


led street light case  led street light case2



  1. Intelligent control, Overall die-casting aluminum design, elegant appearance.
  2. multiple dimming are optional: 0-10V dimming/time control/light sensor/IoT control.
  3. Modular design inside for easy maintenance.
  4. Flat honeycomb design, good heat dissipation.
  5. the lighting watts is 25~240W are optional.
  6. Professional glare-free lens, Optional 60°/90°/120°/T2M/T3M/T4M.
  7. Angle of mounting shaft can be installed and adjusted 90/180° .
  8. Waterproof grade: IP66.
  9. The use of international famous brand power supply greatly improves the long-life.


Production and Testing process:


x11 aging test

 x11 production process


product installation:


x11 product installation


Other style street lights recommended:

  1. X5 Series LED Street Light
  2. X6 Series LED Street Light
  3. M1 Series LED Street Light
  4. S1 Series LED Street Light
  5. Solar LED Street Light


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