200mm RYG Full Ball LED Traffic Light Modules

200mm RYG Full Ball LED Traffic Light Modules

  • Wide operating voltage.
  • Polycarbonate optical lens – impact resistant.
  • Anti-phantom effect minimized, optimal viewing angle.
  • Static or dynamic bike figures optional.
  • High intensity LED light source – low energy consumption.
  • LED DIP.
  • Long life cycle – more than 80,000 working hours.
  • Easy fixation to traffic signal housing.
  • Compliance with CE, RoHS, EN12368, ISO9001.

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200mm RYG  Full Ball LED Traffic Light Modules Parameter
Diameter φ 200mm
LED Type 5mm DIP
Optical Performance Conform to EN12368 standard
Input Voltage AC85-265V,50/60HZ,12~24VDC
Power Factor > 0.9
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃  (Class A,B,C acc. To EN12368)
Material of lens/bowl UV-stabilized polycarbonate

RYG Full Ball LED Traffic Light Module

Our 200mm RYG Full-Ball LED traffic light module offers exceptional versatility and performance for various traffic signal applications. Our innovative LED traffic light module offers a modular solution that enables customization and efficient repair, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow and enhanced safety.
Applications and Advantages

Applications and Advantages

Our 200mm RYG Full-Ball LED traffic signal lens excels in diverse scenarios:

New Traffic Light Assembly

Create custom traffic signal configurations by combining multiple modules in various combinations (red, yellow, green).

Traffic Light Repair

Effortlessly replace faulty modules within existing traffic light assemblies, minimizing downtime and repair costs.

Temporary Traffic Signals

Utilize the modules for temporary traffic control during construction projects or road closures.

Specialized Applications

The modular design caters to unique applications, such as pedestrian crossing signals or railway crossing signals.

Simple Integration and User-Friendly Design

This LED traffic light module is designed for ease of use. Each module features pre-drilled mounting holes for seamless integration into existing traffic light structures or custom frames. The electrical connections are straightforward, allowing for quick and efficient installation by qualified personnel.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Performance

At Sinowatcher, we prioritize the reliability and performance of every LED traffic light module we produce. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure each module meets the highest quality standards:
Light Output and Color Testing

We meticulously test the light intensity, color uniformity, and visibility of each LED module, guaranteeing optimal performance in all weather conditions (day and night).

Weather Resistance Testing

Our traffic signal lens undergoes exposure to extreme temperatures, rain, and UV radiation, simulating real-world conditions and ensuring long-lasting durability against environmental elements.

Electrical Safety Testing

We conduct comprehensive electrical safety checks to guarantee safe operation and prevent potential malfunctions.

Choosing us as your supplier for the traffic signal lens provides you with several advantages such as

Partnering with Traffic Safety Leader

Simple Integration and User-Friendly Design

Bulk Ordering and Discounts

We offer competitive pricing and volume discounts for bulk purchases of traffic signal lens, making it cost-effective for large-scale projects.

Technical Support and Expertise

Technical Support and Expertise

Our team of traffic signal lens and safety specialists is available to answer your questions and provide guidance on application, installation, and maintenance.

Reliable Supply Chain and Quality Control

Reliable Supply Chain and Quality Control

We maintain a robust supply chain and implement stringent quality control measures to ensure timely delivery of your order and modules free of defects.

With the 200mm RYG Full-Ball LED traffic light module, we offer unparalleled versatility and dependable performance for various traffic signal applications. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get in touch with our customer support engineers and discuss your project requirements, deadlines, quotations, etc.


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