What is Smart Pedestrian Crossing?

The zebra crossing on the road has always been the “patron saint” of pedestrians’ personal safety, and traffic lights have become the first type of lighting product besides the zebra crossing. But after nightfall, traffic lights that are only used as indicator lighting cannot provide a comfortable visual environment for traffic participants on the zebra crossing, and it is difficult to completely eliminate the safety hazards of walking on the zebra crossing.

Under such social needs, with the development of intelligent lighting and technology, smart zebra crossings equipped with intelligent lighting products such as luminous bricks have gradually entered the field of vision of road traffic participants.


Smart Pedestrian Crossing


Why install Smart Pedestrian Crossing?

On the pedestrian crossing, there are many safety hazards the crossing of people and vehicles:

  1. Car driving blind spot
  2. Fatigue driving can easily lead to accidents
  3. Obstacle occlusion
  4. On Rainy and hazy days, the light is blocked
  5. The line of sight is affected by strong light such as high beam lights at intersections, snapshot fill lights, and high reflections from buildings



guangzhou Pedestrian Crossing



Which are the components of a Smart Pedestrian Crossing?

Mainly include:

  1. The software and hardware equipment used to perceive and identify the traffic at the pedestrian crossing is called the perception system;
  2. The hardware and software equipment used to judge and make decisions on the situation of people, vehicles, and objects at the pedestrian crossing is called a decision-making system;
  3. The hardware and software equipment used to control and warn people and vehicles is called the control system;
  4. The data analysis software system used for intelligent network connection is called an analysis system.


How to classify smart zebra crossings?

  1. Power supply method

Solar power and city power.

The solar energy method is greatly affected by the weather and is unstable. At the same time, due to the need for energy storage and photoelectric conversion, it is difficult to control the energy conversion rate,

Safe and stable is the city power supply, and 12V is the safe voltage for the human body.

  1. Safety warning lights

Road studs / Underground bricks / Flashing Signs / Voice prompts.

Road studs are a simple way, simple but not strong.

The underground bricks are firm and load-bearing, and the installation method is similar to that of road studs.


Where is the wisdom of Smart Pedestrian Crossing embodied?

  1. Recognition and perception of pedestrians
  2. Warning, control, and scheduling of pedestrians and vehicles.

In layman’s terms,  It can perceive and recognize pedestrians in the entire zebra crossing area, and can accurately warn the cars in the lane where the pedestrian is, to slow down or stop. It can also warn people entering the zebra crossing, to pay attention to cars. This two-way warning is the coordination of pedestrians, vehicles, and roads.

  1. Intelligent network linkage control and scheduling of multiple pedestrian crossings.

The traffic situation of multiple pedestrian crossings is calculated and counted in real-time by the roadside control terminal. After the network connection, the background cloud can accurately integrate and analyze the historical passing time and quantity of people and vehicles on multiple pedestrian crossings. Accurately judge the average and peak hours of a single pedestrian crossing, and the regional microcirculation pedestrian crossing efficiency problems of multiple pedestrian crossings, so as to accurately provide digital traffic management auxiliary decision-making suggestions for traffic control departments.


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