How Portable Traffic Signal Helps Traffic Control?

Traffic control and management have remained one of the top challenges in almost all major parts of the words. While it poses numerous challenges, it also demands human resources and often requires a tactful approach toward traffic problems. However, thanks to portable traffic signals, traffic management has become much easier and more efficient.

There are multiple situations in which portable traffic signal has proven to be helpful. Here are a few situations which show just how important a portable traffic signal really is.

  1. Routine traffic congestion usually occurs in two forms. The first one is the regular traffic, which includes major roads and interchanges where traffic flow remains high throughout the day. The second form is the traffic during rush hours at a particular place (for example schools, hospitals, and officers). While permanent signals are placed for regular traffic, generally wardens have to physically perform traffic control duty during rush hours, which can be quite straining. However, by placing a portable traffic signal for certain rush hours, traffic can be easily managed in a smooth and seamless manner.


  1. Unexpected traffic developments are quite a common occurrence. Whether there has been any road accident, some construction or maintenance work requires the traffic to be diverted, or some road has been blocked due to a natural calamity, a significant number of manpower and traffic police vehicles are deployed to tackle such situations. However, a portable traffic signal can easily to carried to such places and used for traffic control. In fact, multiple portable traffic signals can also be placed and linked with one another to coordinate traffic from multiple directions. This ensures smoother and hassle-free traffic flow while also saving precious resources, making it a highly effective process overall.


  1. Portable Traffic signals are also very helpful for the safety of road workers. While usually traffic cones and neon signs are used whenever some road maintenance work is going on, a portable traffic signal offers much higher visibility to the incoming traffic. This enables the drivers to adjust their lanes and speed without putting the workers’ lives in harm’s way.


Advantages of Portable Traffic Signals

Portable Traffic Signals offer a lot of advantages such as:

  • These are lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore shifting them is never a hassle.
  • They are easy to install and can be set up in a really short amount of time. They are always ready to use.
  • Multiple traffic signals can communicate with one another wirelessly up to a range of 1.5 km. This communication enables safe traffic flow from multiple directions and multiple points simultaneously.
  • These are easy to set up and can be set up wirelessly using a controller. With a few taps of buttons on an easy-to-use interface, these signals can be adjusted as per the requirements almost immediately.
  • These can work up to 168 hrs after a complete charge making them ideal for deployment at remote locations at a moment’s notice without requiring any special power connection or arrangements.

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