What is a Traffic Signal Control System?

traffic signal control system


With the ever-increasing usage of roads by motorists and pedestrians, an efficient traffic signal control system becomes inevitable. This guide looks into the basics of a traffic signal control system.

traffic signal control system is a network of electrically or mechanically control electronic traffic lights that regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians at an intersection.

It is mainly composed of the main controller, vehicle detectors, control circuit, timer, decoder drive circuit, decoder, clock signal generator, and a digital decoder display drive circuit. All these works together in detecting traffic and relaying this information to the main controller which transmits the messages to the traffic signals.

How a traffic control system works

A traffic signal control system consists of different signals directing different routes in and out of an intersection being controlled by a central command controller. The main controller is the brain that takes traffic trends sent by traffic detectors embedded in the road into consideration and then directs the signals.

The controller can be programmed to operate on a fixed time or vehicle actuation module.

  • Fixed time traffic signal control system: This involves the traffic lights being programmed to display a certain signal at all roads for the same fixed intervals. For instance, the traffic lights display the green light for the same fixed time despite the traffic volume.
  • Dynamic traffic signal control system: Under this module, the traffic signal control system takes into account the vehicle demand volume using the road-embedded detector and adjusts the green light accordingly.in case of jammed roads, it adjusts the timings accordingly to step UP the traffic flows.

Advantages of a traffic signal control system

To motorists as well as pedestrians, a traffic signal control system offers several unmatched benefits. • A well-coordinated traffic signal control system allows for the orderly movement of traffic to and from a specific intersection.

  • A traffic signal control system can monitor and ensure that motorists do not exceed the stated speed limits.
  • Since motorists can follow a standardized traffic system, there are minimal accidents on the roads.
  • At times when some roads experience heavy traffic, a signal system can intercept heavy traffic and give priority to other traffic to cross the road for convenience.
  • It gives authority to motorists to use the road with confidence.
  • allows for traffic to move on different routes with very minimal congestion.
  • Compared to a manual system, it provides a lot of efficiency and productivity.
  • Even in foggy and rainy weather, a signal is visible, unlike a manual sign given by a police officer.

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