Development Thinking of Priority Control of Traffic Lights

The problem of urban road congestion is becoming increasingly serious, which has become one of the important factors affecting people’s living standards. How to meet the safe, convenient, comfortable and inexpensive travel needs of traffic participants is  goal of traffic management. At present, priority control of traffic lights for buses and special vehicles has become one of the main ways to relieve public traffic congestion and meet travel demand at home and abroad.


Priority control of road traffic lights is to achieve priority release of buses and special vehicles through the control of traffic lights.

At present, bus priority mainly includes space and time priority, while special vehicle priority is mainly time priority. From the perspective of control strategy, bus priority signal control can be divided into three types: First, passive priority, Which mainly refers that controller gives release priority to buses without detection  based on offline scheme and static timing.

Second, active priority, which maily refers that controller controls the priority release of vehicle by giving instructions to traffic light through vehicle detection, including the extension of phase and other high-speed signal parameters, and ensure the priority release of bus through real-time detection data to adjust the dynamic parameters of traffic lights.


The traffic problem in big cities is very serious. The traffic congestion is spreading in time and space, and the degree of congestion is also increasing. Therefore, giving priority to the development of urban public transport and providing priority in terms of time and space is an important means to improve the utilization efficiency of road transport resources, reflect public policies such as social equity, improve the urban environment and alleviate traffic congestion.


Full implementation of priority control of bus lanes and traffic light can make the bus have priority on space and time, guide the broad masses of people to give up individual travel, achieve the traffic safety, reduce the traffic delay, improve the travel efficiency, so the priority strategy of public transportation is still worth key research in the future development .



As an extension of the concept of smart city construction, smart transportation has gradually affected our travel. The signal priority control of urban road is hub of normal operation of smart transportation. How to combine priority control of the road signal with advanced information, communication, sensing, navigation and positioning, and vehicle road synergy technology effectively, guarantee the travel priority of bus all around, in real-time and efficiently, and minimize impact on normal travel of other vehicles are issues to consider. 


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