Smart Pedestrian Crossing

Rapid development of urban modernization and the increase number of motor vehicles, the possibility of traffic accidents on zebra crossings is getting higher and higher. In few years, while the number of car ownership has gradually increased, the number of deaths in traffic accidents has also risen slowly, and traffic accidents caused by failure to yield in accordance with regulations have gradually ranked first in the cause of fatal accidents. And the shortcomings of normal zebra crossing are becoming more and more clear-cut. Normal zebra crossings are just striped zebra crossings printed on the road with white paint to serve as traffic reminders. However, this normal zebra crossing does not throw out light, and only nearby street lights isn’t enough for drivers driving at night. As a reminder, more advanced and smarter Pedestrian crossing essentially need to be appearing.


The smart Pedestrian crossing controls the zebra crossing to change into different forms through the change of sidewalk traffic lights. The smart Pedestrian crossing will shine at night. If pedestrians are stepping on red light area, the LED display will show “Don’t cross the red light”, etc., and the voice announcer will be broadcast “Now It’s a red light, please don’t cross the red light.” The display screen and voice broadcast both are modifiable and controllable. Voice causes enough pedestrians and vehicles at night to realize antonyms intelligent management and reduce dangers of traffic accidents.


Compared with the Normal zebra crossing and smart Pedestrian crossing system has following advantages:


1. During the dark smart Pedestrian crossing can detects and zebra crossing appears as a number of white and red light strips, which not only illuminate but also have a warning effect, and the darker clothing at night will significantly reduce the probability of accidents. Normal zebra crossing’s effect is poor, especially at night or in heavy fog. It is very easy for drivers and pedestrians to have poor visual distance on the road and cross red lights by mistake, which is major cause of traffic accidents.


2. The smart Pedestrian crossing system takes photos of pedestrians who cross red lights and record those, at the same time remain pedestrians to obey traffic rules and reduce the incident of traffic safety accidents. Many traffic accidents are caused by smart pedestrians crossing the road illegally and lack of obey traffic rules.


3. When the smart Pedestrian crossing system detect that someone is running during red light, the alarm bell will sound to warn pedestrians to return waiting area. Due to modernizations of mobile phone performance, more and more people turning their heads to phone screen and play while walking on the road. Traffic accidents are extremely vulnerable to happen if ignores traffic signal light. 


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