MATHS Centralized Traffic Light Control System

MATHS Centralized Traffic Light Control System


The SW-UTC system (based on GIS platform) is committed to alleviate the city traffic pressure, saving energy and improve traffic safety. It's integrated with computer technology, automatic control technology and network communication technology to make the city traffic control more intelligent and integrated.

The core idea of this control system is "traffic dispersion" and "road network equilibrium", namely, by measuring the traffic condition to optimize and adjust the signal timing

Features and Advantages

  • Area coordinate control

  • Arterial coordinate control

  • VIP priority control

  • Central manual control

  • Multi intersection centralized monitoring

  • Parameter upload and download

  • Real-time fault alarm

  • Statistics and analysis of traffic flow

  • Operation log record and management

  • Hierarchical intersection display based on GIS platform

  • Unified timing

  • Multi-user group management

  • Remote maintenance

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