Sinowatcher’s Decade, With the Times

We have put all the words we want to express in the video, and sincerely invite you to watch the growth footprint of Sinowatcher.


At the beginning, general manager Ye said:”10 years is neither long nor short for a life, and it is not easy for a company. I would like to make four thanks on behalf of our shareholders and all employees of our company. First, we would like to thank our suppliers for their great support to our company. Second, we would like to thank our employees and their families for their silent dedication. Third, we would like to thank our customers for their trust in sinowatcher. Fourth, we would like to thank the government for their concern for our company.
We are confident that in the next 10 years or even the next 5 years, Become one of Europe’s most famous suppliers of traffic signals. This is a wish of all our colleagues”.




The opening show “The Elephant King”, once the music plays, it is as if you are in the great Tang Dynasty. The sound of the Great Dharma Trumpet used in the music is the roar of the Elephant King, which is a symbol of nobility. The elephant, which is powerful but cautious, symbolizes wisdom in acting.



The show “Crosstalk Magic Dance” was creative and interesting, and the passionate music added a lively atmosphere to the scene.



Sinowatcher does not forget the original intention, continuous innovation has been committed to the traffic products industry, so that the city is safer, more smooth, more environmentally friendly, is our philosophy is to practice.



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