Installation Method of Led Reflective Road Stud

The road stud we usually mean mainly refers to the one used on the highway, also known as raised road sign and reflective road stud. It is a traffic safety facility, which is mainly installed in the middle of the road marking or between the double yellow lines to remind the driver to drive according to the lane through its retroreflection performance.


With the wide application of road studs in domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads, the quality and service life of reflective road studs have attracted more and more attention. In the actual application process, the damage and service life reduction of reflective road stud often occur because of installation problems.


The correct installation method of reflective road stud is as follows:


1. Placing and installing safety isolation facilities is a top priority. It cannot be ignored. In the whole process of dynamic construction, whether it is a new road or an open road, everyone should be in the safety facilities. If construction is on an open road, the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:1. For the construction of non-traffic sections, the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel shall be 1:3.


2. Determine the installation position and ensure that the installation position is flat. For the road pavement with expansion, cracks and unevenness, the pavement shall be cleaned and leveled in advance.


3. Clean the installation position with a brush and ensure that the installation position is dry.


4. Apply an appropriate amount of glue on the road stud evenly.


5. Press the road stud firmly on the installation position and ensure the correct direction. If there is too much glue, be sure to clean it up;


6. If it is a cast aluminum strip foot road stud with pin, ensure that the hole depth is 1cm greater than the pin depth and the hole diameter is 2mm greater than the pin diameter.


7. A patrol inspection shall be conducted within two hours after the installation of road stud to ensure that all road studs are not installed reversely, installed inclined or pressed inclined.


8. After the road stud is solidification for 4 hours, remove the installation isolation facilities.


The installation of reflective road stud is not a complex thing, but there are many details to pay attention to. These details play a very important role in ensuring the quality requirements and service life of reflective road stud.


Installation method of LED Reflective Road Stud

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