How To Install the Traffic Light

In daily life, we can see the traffic light everywhere, and I believe you are familiar with the traffic lights. The traffic light is one of the traffic safety products. Its installation and use are of great significance to strengthen the road traffic management, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, improve the efficiency of road use and the traffic condition. 


As a result, the traffic light at intersections such as crosses and T-signs has become more and more important. Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional traffic light factory, provides a variety of traffic lights, which are easy for you to install. Then what are the specific ways of the installation of the traffic light?


Ways of the installation of the traffic light are as follows:

1. The column type:
The column-type installation of traffic lights, generally used for auxiliary signals, can be applied in the left and right sides of the exit lane, as well as in the left and right sides of the entrance lane.

2. The gate type:
The gate-type installation is the control mode of traffic lights in the lane. This kind of traffic lights are more suitable for installation and use at the entrance of the tunnel or above the lane for changing direction.

3. The attached type:
Namely, the traffic light is installed on the cantilever-type cross arm. The vertically installed lights on the pole can be used as auxiliary lights. Therefore, it can generally be used as signal lights for pedestrians and bicycle.

4. The cantilever type:
The cantilever type refers to the traffic lights that are installed on the long-arm light pole. According to the connection mode between the cantilever and the vertical rod, the long arm rod can be divided into flange connection mode, the connection mode of combining cantilever hoop with the upper pull rod, and the connection mode of vertical rod directly bending.

5. Central installation type:
The center installation type of the traffic lights is to use a long cantilever in the center of the intersection to install lights that can control more than one direction, or install the lights in the guard box in the center of the intersection, among other means.

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