How Does Solar Street Light Realize Automatic Switch?

It is not that difficult to realize automatic switch of solar street lights. The working principle of solar street light: the photovoltaic panel of the solar street light collects light energy and converts it into electrical energy, which is stored by the battery for LED lighting at night.


Under normal circumstances, the street lamp control devices provided by the manufacturers of solar lamps have timing, light control, and even rain control functions, which are very convenient to use. Suppose your solar street light only has battery and LED light source and light source power supply circuit, but no circuit control. We know that if the 220V lighting circuit wants to control the lighting, it only needs a 220V timer to automatically turn on and off. But how do we control the solar street light of battery power?


Currently, solar street light control systems are divided into two categories. The first category: take use of ordinary solar street light controllers. You need to use the remote control to set the turn-on and turn-off time of the solar street light as well as its own brightness in advance. The second category: take use of the Internet of Things single light controller. With the function of Internet of Things control, it can use the mobile phone applet and the computer client to issue instructions with one click. At the same time, it has advantages of remote control, detection and fault alarm.


The method of transforming the ordinary acousto-optic street lamp switch into the household solar street light switch is as follows:


(1) Remove the part of the circuit which supplies power to the control circuit with the working voltage of 220 V through the transformer step-down rectification or the resistance and capacitance step-down rectification, and change it into the solar power supply (if the voltage is a little high, the resistor can be used to reduce the voltage) to supply power to the control circuit.


(2) If the position of the automatic control switch is too high from the ground, the intensity of the sound after reaching the control switch may not be enough to trigger its voice control function. That is to say, it is possible that the street lights are still off at night. At this time, you can short-circuit the microphone (just use a wire to jumper it), and the voice control function will not be used. Of course, if the control switch is not high from the ground, and it is hoped that the light will turn on when someone is passing by, the sound control part of the control circuit can still be kept as it is.


(3) The relay does not need to be changed.


(4) Change the 220V input live wire of the relay secondary to solar power input.

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