What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Buying Solar Street Lights and Precautions for Installation

1. Things to pay attention to when buying solar street lights

With the continuous emergence of solar street light products, the competitiveness of the market is increasing. In order to gain a firm foothold in this competition and retain more customers, many suppliers have started price wars. Although they provide customers with lower prices for solar street lights, they can’t give customers the quality assurance they really need.


In order to reduce the price of solar street lights and save solar street light cost, some manufacturers have made a big fuss in the accessories of solar street lights. Most suppliers will buy from some irregular manufacturers, and the power of the solar panels is insufficient, resulting in insufficient power generation of the solar panels, resulting in the solar LED street lights not working properly. They also adopted the method of reducing the battery capacity to shoddy charge, reduce costs, and unjustly profit. The light source is a relatively low cost among all the accessories of solar street lights, but it has the highest failure rate.


There are many manufacturers of light sources, but there are not too many manufacturers with good product quality. Some manufacturers often use low-cost means to sell. The products may malfunction or even be damaged in a short period of time, which has caused a great deal of damage to the application of solar street lights and negative impact.


There are also most solar street light suppliers that use low-quality steel, the pipe diameter and wall thickness are less than two pounds, the surface is cold galvanized, the wind resistance is poor, and the surface treatment process is poor, which will cause the plastic layer to fall off and fade in a short time.


After these low-end products are used for a period of time, those configurations will be damaged, they will not work properly, and the brightness will continue to decrease until they can no longer light up.


2. Precautions for the installation of solar street lights

In the use of solar LED street lights, installation is a more important point. Combined with years of installation experience, Sinowatcher has summarized several useful tips and precautions.


(1) The installation of solar street lights should be carried out on sunny days, because it cannot be quickly charged after installation on cloudy and rainy days, and discharge is carried out at night, which will affect the use.


(2) In order to increase the battery life and the number of charging and discharging, solar LED street lights should not be turned on on the first day after installation. When installing, only connect the controller without load contact. The battery can be charged for two days before the load is turned on. This can maximize the charging of the battery, fully activate the battery, and increase the use time.


(3) Solar street light controllers should choose high-quality products that can be waterproof to ensure long-term use and stability. If there is no waterproof controller, the terminal should face down and the wiring should be bent into a U-shape to improve some waterproof ability.


(4) The angle of the solar street light panel must be adjusted to the most suitable place, generally a 45 degree angle is recommended. If it is not adjusted properly, it will affect the charging performance of the battery, reduce the lighting time, and also affect the sensing performance, resulting in inaccurate automatic light-on time.


(5) Use better quality copper cores to reduce the loss of power consumption. If there is a particularly serious problem, the LED drive power supply will not work normally. Therefore, do not save these necessary funds and affect the effect of the entire solar street light.

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