Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Wireless Vehicle Detection System


Wireless vehicle detection is a kind of new vehicle detection system which extensively used in urban traffic vehicle management to collect and transmit traffic flows and status on urban roads to front-end signal controllers and center database.

Currently, this detection technology is available from a small wireless unit (VD) which is installed, by core drilling a small hole in the surface of the carriageway (geomagnetic detector) to measure the Earth's magnetic field change when a vehicle passes by. This will be t ransit as a wireless signal to Routers under 2.4GHz wireless frequency, which can be processed by a Data Acquisition Center Device to generate a variety of traffic data, including vehicle presence signal, speed, headway time, occupancy time, vehicle distance, vehicle length and road saturation

Features and Advantages

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Easy installation & maintenance

  • Powerful wireless signal (18dbm)

  • Long battery life of 5 years

  • High detection accuracy rate

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