Three Common Faults and Solutions of Smart Traffic Lights

1. The Solution of the Intelligent Traffic Signal Light is not Bright

When the smart traffic light is not on, you should first ensure that the circuit is OK. If it is a new light, you should use an electric pen to measure, or install an incandescent lamp to see if there is voltage in the circuit. After confirming that the circuit is OK, you can start the following maintenance.


Driver Problems

If the traffic lights are not on, it is almost always a problem with the driver. Light emitting diodes have high requirements for current and voltage, which cannot be turned on normally if the current and voltage are too large or too small. Therefore, constant current drivers, rectifiers, voltage reducers and other devices in the driver should be maintained. If the lamp beads do not light up after turning on the light, the driver should be considered first. At this time, you can purchase a new driver for replacement.


2. Solutions to the Dimming of the Brightness of Smart Traffic Lights

This issue should be resolved together with the previous issue. This may be the case when the brightness of the lamp becomes dark or not bright.


The Problem of Lamp Beads

The beads of smart traffic lights are divided into strings. The beads on each string are connected in series, and the strings are connected in parallel. Therefore, if a bead on this string is burned, it will cause the string of lamp beads to be out of light. If there is a bead in each string, it will cause the whole lamp to be out of light. If there is a lamp bead burned out in each string, the capacitance or resistance on the driver should be considered.


The burned lamp beads and normal lamp beads can be seen from the appearance. There is a black dot in the middle of the burned lamp beads, which cannot be erased. If the number of burned lamp beads is not large, the two welding feet behind the burned lamp beads can be welded together with electric iron. If there are too many burnt lamp beads, it is recommended to buy a lamp bead board to replace it, so as not to affect the brightness of the lighting.


3. Solution of Smart Traffic Lights Flashing After Turning Off

If the light flashes after turning off, you should first confirm the wiring problem. The most likely problem is the neutral line of the switch control. At this time, it is necessary to correct it in time to avoid danger. The correct way is to switch and control the live wire and the neutral wire to connect the electric light.


If there is no problem with the circuit, it is possible that the intelligent traffic light has generated self-inductance current. The easiest way is to buy a 220V relay and connect the coil to the light in series to solve the problem.

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