The Working Stability of Solar Street Lights

1. The stability of solar street lights

As the society continues to advocate green, low-carbon, and energy-saving, people have gradually increased their awareness of environmental protection. Moreover, solar energy, as an inexhaustible, safe and environmentally friendly new energy source, has also been popularized.


Solar energy has also made great contribution to street lights, so they have slowly begun to have their current market position. If you want to popularize solar street lights, you must understand the characteristics of our solar street lights.


2. Characteristics of solar street lights

(1) Will not turn off suddenly: 

Solar street lights use solar energy as the energy source. The battery is charged when the sun is shining. When the environment is dark to a certain level, the battery will provide power for the street lighting to operate, so it will not happen suddenly. The situation of lights out. This is because solar street lights use DC power.


(2) LED light source quality: 

The light source of solar street lights generally uses LED lamp holders, so they are mostly solar-powered LED street lights. The LED lamp holder has a long lighting life (about 50,000 hours), and it does not emit too much heat when in use, which greatly extends the life of the light source.


(3) It can also be used normally in consecutive cloudy and rainy days: 

Solar street lights use solar energy to generate electricity, so they can also perform normal lighting work on days without sunlight. As a solar street light manufacturer, Sinowatcher will also consider these issues when designing solar street lights. Through communication with customers, according to the local cloudy and rainy day conditions given by the customer, we can configure suitable street light accessories to solve the problem of being able to work even on the most continuous cloudy and rainy days in the local area, so that the problem of no electricity and lights out will not occur.

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