The Working Principle of the Solar Traffic Signal

The solar traffic signal is powered by solar panels, which is fast to install and easy to move. It is suitable for newly built intersections with large traffic flow and urgent need for new traffic signals. It can meet the needs of emergency power failure, power restriction and other emergencies.


The working principle of the solar traffic signal is as follows:

The solar panel receives the sunlight to generate electricity, and the controller of which is used for battery charging. The controller has functions of preventing inverted connection, inverted charging, excessive discharge, overcharging and overloading and automatic protection for short circuit, boasting features such as automatic identification of day and night, automatic detection of voltage, automatic storage battery protection, easy installation and no pollution. The battery discharges electricity to the signal machine, transmitter, receiver and signal light via the controller.


After adjusting the signal machine to the default mode, it will generate signals sent to the transmitter, and the transmitter produces wireless signal which will be transmitted by the method of the intermittent transmission. The frequency and intensity of this transmission conform to relevant regulations, posing no interference to the wired and wireless electric devices in surrounding environment. And at the same time the transmission signal can be ensured to have a strong resistance ability to strong magnetic field (high voltage transmission lines, automotive electric spark) interference.


After receiving the wireless transmission signal, the receiver controls the light source of the signal light to realize the scenario that red, yellow and green lights work in the default mode. When the wireless transmission signal is abnormal, the yellow flashing function can be realized.


When using the wireless transmission mode, among four signal lights in an intersection, the signal light and the transmitter are only needed to be set in the light pole of one signal light. When the wireless signal is transmitted from the signal machine in one signal light, the receivers on the four lights at the intersection can all receive the signal, and according to the default model do some corresponding changes, so that it is not necessary to lay cables connecting the four light poles.

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