Traffic Light Countdown Timer

Traffic Light Countdown Timer

300mm traffic signal series offer a wide range of modules and pedestrian traffic lights, as well as complete sets of traffic lights. LED light modules come either with transparent, cobweb, or (Fresnel) lens "small" that guarantees an anti-ghost. LEDs have over 80,000 hours of work, they are energy efficient and ensure high visibility due to improved intensity factor light.

Complete sets of traffic lights have a property of highly resistant polycarbonate having characteristic resistance to ultraviolet light. All models comply with CE, RoHS, ISO9001: 2008, and EN12368 standards.

Featured Traffic Light Countdown Timer

Traffic Light Countdown Timer FAQS

  • Q What is the probable failures if countdown no works ?

    Countdown type (software) is not matched with traffic controller type 

    Driver problem (no input or output )

    Control board problem (no signal output)

    Need a longer time for learning 

    Other situations 

  • Q Witch kind of size do you have ?

    Ф200mm  Ф300mm   Ф400mm   600x800mm

  • Q How many signal output the control board could be ?

    3 outputs for Ф200mm  Ф300mm   Ф400mm  and 6 outputs for 600x800mm 

  • Q What of countdown do you have ?

    Learning type, triggering type (need to know the triggering signal ), communication type ( need to know the protocol of the traffic controller)  

  • Q What should be pay attention when choose the countdown ?

    Very important is that what kind of traffic controller will be connected to fixed time type, triggering type, or communicative type.  

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