Dangerous Times: Do You Really Understand The “3 Seconds” In the Traffic Signal Switching?

When it comes to traffic lights, we are familiar with them. But do you know more about traffic lights? How important is “3 seconds”? Today, we will analyze what is the “3 seconds” of traffic lights.


1. The 3 seconds before and after the traffic signal change is a “high-risk moment”

In fact, the three seconds before and after the traffic signals changes are high-risk moments, not only the last two seconds of the green light are dangerous. This signal light conversion includes three situations: green light to yellow light, yellow light to red light, and red light to green light. Among them, the “crisis” of yellow light is the biggest, and the yellow light is only about 3 seconds. In order to prevent the exposure of electronic police, drivers who run through the yellow light are bound to increase their speed. In case of emergency, they are easy to neglect observation, and the probability of accidents is greatly increased.


2. Green Light – Yellow Light – Red Light

“Running through yellow light” is relatively easy to cause accidents. Generally, after the green traffic signal is over, the yellow light can be changed into red light. Therefore, yellow light is the transition from green light to red light, which is generally 3 seconds. And the 3 seconds before the green light turns to yellow, plus the yellow light for 3 seconds, this short 6-second time is prone to traffic accidents. The main reason is that pedestrians or motorists go to grab a few seconds and force through the intersection.


3. Red light – green light: the car with a certain speed into the intersection is easy to rear end turning vehicles.

Under normal circumstances, the red light does not need to go through the yellow light transition, and directly becomes a green traffic signal light. The traffic lights in many places count down. Many drivers like to stop at a red light several meters or even farther away from the stop line. When the red light is about 3 seconds left, start ahead and rush forward. In a few seconds, the speed can be increased to more than 40 kilometers per hour, and they can cross the intersection in an instant. In fact, it’s very dangerous. The reason is that at this time the car has entered the intersection with a certain speed, in case of a left turning vehicle has not finished, it is easy to directly hit.

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