Advantage Between High Flux Traffic Light and Ordinary Traffic Lights

Following advantages are given below:

1. Materials: Ordinary traffic light used epoxy resin as the mounting board but high flux signal light used aluminum-based circuit boards (MCPCB).

2. Production process: Ordinary traffic signal light produce by manual welding and wave soldering but high flux signal lights produce by patch welder.

3. Electronic component:  Due to different welding process electronic components are matched with ordinary traffic light and also general components, so that need to be welded by manually and wave soldering machine but for the high flux traffic light electronics components are SMD components.

4. Automation: In order to different production processes, SMD production has higher degree automation and can be use a modernized production line. In the other hand ordinary traffic light structure of components considerable part of works such as intubation, manual works that are why relatively lower degree. So that man-hours require to processing two are also different.

5. Performance guarantee: Electrostatic protection and other measures are important factor that affect service life, the general service light is not high so it’s difficult to implement electrostatic protection and other measures. For the production process of high flex light signal lights is relatively easy to ensure performance of traffic light.

6. Integration: High flux signal light adopts SMD process; electronic components which can be highly integrated light board and power supply however ordinary traffic lights with their supporting components are difficult to meet these requirements.

7. Structural design: Normally ordinary traffic light has low power, LED lamp bead has low heat generation (these lamp has low heat-bearing ability and poor heat dissipation effect) and distributed in the entire light-emitting surface, so it’s hard to improve the heat dissipation. High flux LED lamp beads are relatively concentrated. They are also installed on the aluminum substrate using patch process that’s why easy to design heat sinks and install the light board directly to improve heat dissipation.

8. LED Distribution design: Ordinary traffic lights are distributed in the entire light-emitting area because of large number tubes so light distribution needs to correspond to traffic signal light. In the high flux traffic light LED lights numbers relatively few. Normally 300mm light need to use 8 or 12 to meet the requirement put whole light board near the axis of the light-emitting surface. Designed as a strong light source when distributing light.

9. Effects: Due to the exit angle of light ordinary traffic lights are distributed over the entire luminous surface and distance between each other’s relatively large so projection effect on the luminous surface like distribution can be seen more clearly. Because of the intensity LED light source distributed by itself and usually rocky spot in the package. Light-emitting surface is bound to be bright and dark. In addition, corresponding method is adopted when light distributed when one or a string LED light fails dark spot will appear which will affect the light efficiency of entire traffic light. However high flux LEDs are relatively strong so they are also approximately used as a concentrated light source when distributing light so those mentioned defects can be avoided.

10. Service life: High flux signal lights has fewer tubes and branches so it’s very easy to use branch constant current power supplies to make sure each LED has same power supply. If some of them fail then it won’t affect the power supply of other LED and if heat dissipation effect is good then node temperature will be reduce so life span will be extend. Allowable working current is more than 10 times of ordinary LEDs. Current control few milliamps which won’t affect high flux LEDs at all. Compare with ordinary LEDs maybe a fatal blow so it’s accurate to the power supply and control is less depended which also conducive to improving service life. It also extends life. 


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