¿Cómo mejorar las prestaciones de compresión de los postes solares?

Ⅰ. The characteristics of solar road studs


Compared with ordinary reflective road studs, solar road studs have two most important characteristics: 


1. Large luminous brightness. The reflective brightness of ordinary reflective road studs is only 300MCD to 400MCD, while the luminous brightness of solar road studs can reach 2000MCD, which is 6 to 7 times that of the former. Such high-intensity light can penetrate rain and fog at night and guide the driver safely and effectively.


2. Active light, dynamic warning. Solar road studs flash at a certain frequency at night, and their dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active lighting can not only avoid rain and fog interference to the greatest extent, but also free the driver’s sight from relying on the car lights, and the visual distance is longer and the effect is better.


Ⅱ. How to improve the compressive performance of solar road studs?


If the solar road stud can not withstand a certain pressure, it will not work normally after being crushed or impacted by the car. Therefore, compression resistance should be the most basic condition for the normal operation of the solar road stud. The solar road stud itself is an electronic product. It is very difficult for the electronic components to have higher compressive performance. Therefore, in general, the compressive performance of solar road studs is worse than that of ordinary road studs. At present, according to the requirements of the relevant technical standards of the Ministry of Transport, the compressive index of solar road studs must reach 10 tons.


There are several ways to effectively improve the compressive performance of solar road studs: first is to use PC bullet-proof materials for the exposed solar panels to enhance the compressive resistance of its electronic components; the other is to use IC control as much as possible to reduce the volume of the electronic circuit and reduce the pressure on the electronic components; the third is to design some reinforcing ribs on the shell to share the pressure on the electronic components.

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