SW200 Contrôleur de feux de circulation en réseau intelligent

SW200 Contrôleur de feux de circulation en réseau intelligent

  • Powerful computing and communication with advanced ARM 32-bit chip.
  • Higher running stability with SCR control on traffic signal outputs.
  • Easy extension and compatibility with open NTCIP communication protocol.
  • Accurate timing with GPS.
  • Networking for remote control and monitoring.
  • Multi working modes – fixed time, pedestrian request, green wave, actuated and manual control.
  • Wiring terminals for both main and spare power supply for easy connection with electric generator during power failure.
  • Easy assembly and maintenance with modular designed control boards and driving boards.
  • Built-in led lamp for night operation and maintenance.

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OVERVIEW: SW200 is a 48 outputs intelligent networking road traffic signal controller, equipped with 32-bit ARM microcontroller, 6U modular designed control boards and driving boards, and 19 inches standard rack-mounted case. It adopts standardized NTCIP communication protocol, which supports network remote control and a variety of control strategies.   HARDWARE COMPOSITION: SW200 Traffic signal controller is composed of main control board, signal driver board, detection board, backplane, rack-mounted case, power supply, power distribution and outer cabinet.  
SW200 Intelligent Networking Traffic Signal Controller Parameter
Composition Parameter Note
Outer Cabinet 19 inches width, made from sheet metal with plastic-sprayed surface  
Power Distribution Main/spare power supply switch, surge protector, MCB(Miniature Circuit Breaker), mains voltage outlet, signal output terminals with fuse, ground terminal  
Rack-mounted Case 6U rack plug-in structure, aluminum alloy material, pluggable control board and signal driving boards  
Power Supply Wide input voltage: AC85V-265V, 50/ 60Hz  
Main Control Board ARM main control board with color LCD display (Resolution :128*64) With GPS
Signal Driver Board 12 signal outputs per board, with current and voltage detection Standard with 4 signal driver boards, extensible to 8
Detection Board Vehicle detector interface board, with 32 - I/O signal inputs Optional
SW200 Intelligent Networking Traffic Signal Controller Electrical Parameters:
Item Parameter Note
Traffic Signal Outputs 48 signal outputs =16 signal groups Extensible to 96 signal outputs = 32 groups 
GPS GPS accurate timing  
Standard Interface 1-network, 1-RS485, 2-RS232, 8-I/O inputs (pedestrian request), 2-I/O outputs, 1-USB  
Extensible Interface Extensible 32-I/O signal inputs if with optional detection board.  
Working Voltage AC85V-265V, 50/ 60Hz  
Working Humidity <95%, No condensation  
Température de fonctionnement -40℃ ~+70℃  
Power Consumption <30W  
Dielectric Strength >10MΩ  
Ingress Protection IP54

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