Feu clignotant à énergie solaire 300mm jaune à une unité

Feu clignotant à énergie solaire 300mm jaune à une unité

  • Alimenté par des cellules solaires, il ne dépend pas du réseau électrique.
  • Fonction de gradation automatique la nuit.
  • Batterie de secours - capable de fonctionner par temps nuageux ou pluvieux.
  • Lentille optique transparente en polycarbonate - résistante aux chocs.
  • Source lumineuse LED à haute intensité - faible consommation d'énergie.
  • Longue durée de vie des LED - plus de 80 000 heures de fonctionnement.
  • Boîtier en polycarbonate très durable et résistant aux UV.
  • Système de fixation facile et connecteurs de câblage étanches.
  • Niveau élevé de protection contre l'eau et la poussière.

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300mm Yellow One Unit Solar Powered Flashing Light Parameter
Diamètre φ 300mm
Type de LED 5mm DIP
Voir la distance ≥ 500m
Tension d'entrée DC12V
Facteur de puissance > 0.9
Température de fonctionnement -40℃ ~ +80℃ (Classe A,B,C selon EN12368)
Matériau du boîtier Polycarbonate stabilisé aux UV
Couleur du boîtier Noir - standard, vert sapin/jaune sur qty demande

Our 300mmYellow Solar Flashing Light

We are proud to introduce the 300mm Yellow Solar Powered LED Flashing Lights, a solution that is both versatile and eco-friendly, perfect for enhancing visibility and safety in diverse environments. This solar flashing light harnesses the power of the sun, eliminating the need for external power sources and reducing reliance on the grid.

Key features

Yellow Flash

The bright yellow flashing signal emitted by our lights serves as a warning signal, alerting drivers from a distance in different weather conditions.

Bright and Adjustable

Our lights come equipped with highly bright amber lamp beads with a flashing frequency of 50 times per minute. The brightness and frequency of our yellow flashlights can be adjusted to meet different requirements.


Although this signal light is solar powered. It can still work for seven days on rainy days with battery assistance.

Easy Installation

These lights can be easily installed without any additional wiring or power source making them ideal for use in places where access to electricity is inconvenient.

Applications and Benefits

Our solar powered LED flashing lights can be effectively utilized in various scenarios:
Construction Sites

Enhanced illumination and safety for workers and pedestrians around construction zones, trenches, and excavations.

Roadside Hazards

Mark potential hazards like road closures, detours, or uneven surfaces, alerting drivers and preventing accidents.

Traffic Calming

Illumination of pedestrian crossings, school zones, or areas with a history of accidents, encouraging driver caution.

Effortless Use and Reliable Performance

Our 300mm Yellow solar flashing light is designed for easy operation. Simply mount the light on existing poles using the included screws and brackets, and it will automatically charge throughout the day using solar energy. At dusk, the light automatically activates, providing continuous flashing illumination throughout the night. The flicker frequency and brightness are adjustable.

A Commitment to Quality and Durability

At Sinowatcher, we understand the critical role our products play in traffic safety. That's why we subject every solar flashing light, including the 300mm Yellow One Unit model, to rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process.

Choose Sinowatcher as your supplier for bulk requirements of the 300mm Yellow Solar Flashing Light and benefit from:

Commandes en gros et remises

Competitive pricing and volume discounts for cost-effective equipping of various locations.

Reliable Supply Chain

A robust supply chain ensures timely delivery of your bulk orders.

Environmental Testing

Our solar flashing lights undergo exposure to extreme temperatures, rain, and UV radiation, and environmental testing that simulates real-world conditions ensures durability.

Partnering with Sinowatcher

Your One-Stop Shop for Traffic Safety Solutions

Expert Support

Our dedicated team provides guidance on choosing the most suitable solar flashing light for your specific needs.

Performance Testing

We test the light’s functionality, flash rate, light intensity, and operational lifespan, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Contrôle de la qualité

Each solar powered LED flashing light undergoes a final inspection before leaving our factory to guarantee a defect-free product.
Invest in safety and sustainability with the 300mm Yellow Solar Powered Flashing Lights.
Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your bulk solar powered LED flashing lights order requirements and experience the difference of partnering with Sinowatcher.



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