¿Qué requisitos debe cumplir el panel de señales de tráfico?

With the advancement of urbanization, there are more and more motor vehicles on the road, which also brings certain pressure to road driving. Therefore, many traffic facilities can be seen at each road entrance. All kinds of road traffic signs play a very important role in the safe driving of the road. In the setting of traffic signs, the surface color is more gorgeous, It can give pedestrians a good visual impact. You can see the traffic signs at the first sight and drive according to their instructions. Especially at night, via the lamp illumination, the surface signs can be seen through the reflection, which effectively improves people’s discrimination ability and causes the driver’s vigilance. It can provide great convenience for people’s driving in the dark.

1. All the signboards that need to be installed must be confirmed by the technical engineer, and the product quality must be strictly tested.

2. After the arrival of machinery and equipment on the spot, the management methods of traffic sign setting, road barrier and other safety equipment should be well used for non motor vehicle and traffic travel, and the actual operation standard engineering construction should be strictly implemented, in order to ensure the safety of the staff on-the-spot with a greater limit, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents as far as possible, and ensure the safe construction.

3. Strictly implement the provisions of engineering drawings and set the location of the traffic direction measurement mark.

4. The sign plate shall be fixed on the support according to the connecting parts such as dragging anchor bolts and hoops. The ratio of height to width between the lower edge of single column sign plate and the ground shall be 250cm.

5. After basic measurement of traffic sign, the excavation of the back foundation pit shall be considered in many aspects of the address set on the engineering drawings, and the formwork, building reinforcement, concrete pouring shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations. The positions of foundation screws and base flange shall be appropriate and exceed the required design elevation.

6. The construction of sign support point structure shall be carried out after the strength of basic concrete exceeds the specification and the approval of the supervision engineer is obtained. The flange of the support and the basic base flange of the concrete should be level and close, and the anchor screws should cooperate with each other properly. After tightening the anchor bolts, the support should not be skewed.

7. After the sign board installed, check and adjust the flatness and aspect ratio of the sign board to make it exceed the requirements.

8. After the installation of traffic signs, it is necessary to carry out relative cleaning work to keep the surface clean and elegant.

What requirements should the traffic sign board need to meet?

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