La influencia en la ciudad y la función del semáforo

The limited resources provided by the existing road traffic infrastructure have led to the situation that vehicle owners spend more and more time on road, and the traffic light project is intended to reduce the wasted moments of waiting for red lights in the urban traffic system. The traffic in a city is greatly influenced by the traffic light. When waiting for the traffic light, the driver will not go ahead but the car will continue to run on fuel.


In order to make traffic light operators more smart, we have applied new technologies such as communication networks and sensor networks, as well as more complex algorithms to set the traffic light.


Setting the traffic light not only means cutting drivers’ waiting times, but also means drivers can receive notifications about the most unhindered way to their destinations so as to cut their waiting times. This means that we are dealing with a complex smart traffic system, in which communication coordination plays a vital role as the best transportation solution.


En traffic light, as the city traffic solution, has the advantage of low power consumption. The current through the light is small but it can emit very large light. It can not only save power resources, but also make it convenient for drivers, pedestrians and drivers to see the instructions of the traffic light.


Moreover, the service life of the traffic light is very long. A normal traffic light can be used for more than 100,000 hours, which can greatly reduce the cost and manpower. The slope planning of the surface of the transparent lens makes the surface of the traffic light not easy to accumulate dust, which may affect the brightness if it remains uncleaned for a long time. The shell also has good waterproof and dust-proof function, and has good flame resistance ability, which can greatly improve the service life and quality of the traffic light, and ensure the durability and safety of the traffic system.


In fact, in order to have a complete traffic solution, it is not enough to rely on the traffic light, we also need to develop good traffic habits, so that we can protect our own safety.

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