¿Cómo se conduce cuando la flecha del semáforo se sustituye por un disco?

When the left, straight and right LED arrow traffic lights at the intersection are replaced by red, yellow and green full-screen traffic lights, many citizens may feel unaccustomed to the changes and drivers do not know how to drive. We all know that we shall stop at the red light and go when it turns green, but at an intersection where there are only full-screen lights and no arrow lights, how should a car go? Here is an explanation in terms of the situation:


According to the provisions of the traffic law, the intelligent traffic light system rules that in the intersection only installed with a complete disk traffic light, the green light for turning right is always on. According to the traffic safety law, when the traffic light is green, vehicles are allowed to pass, and at the same time these vehicles making a turn which are allowed to pass shall not hinder the passage of vehicles going straight and pedestrians.


The disk in the intelligent traffic system reduces the number of traffic lights used at intersections, which not only facilitates equipment maintenance, but also allows some drivers who have difficulty in observing red arrow light from a distance to focus only on the color of traffic lights, avoiding accidents caused by paying attention to the direction of red arrow stop light.


At intersections where there are only disk lights, vehicles which are going to turn right are not controlled by the traffic light, which means a right turn can be made at any time, even on a red light. And vehicles which go straight and turn left are allowed to pass only on a green light. However, there is an exception. Some intersections may have a round head light and a left-turn arrow light. If a vehicle turns left, it can go only when the left-turn arrow light is green.


In addition, in the case of setting disk lights at intersections, although in the complete disk traffic light, the green light for turning right is always on, drivers should also pay attention to the safety of driving when turning right, and have the obligation to take the initiative to avoid pedestrians and non-motor vehicles during the right turn, to ensure the safety and order of road traffic. At the same time, while waiting for a red light, there are many vehicles going straight in the front tend to take up the right lane to save time, causing vehicles turning right are stranded and cannot go through. Therefore, when meeting with the round traffic light, we hope drivers on the road can show mutual self-effacing behaviors, and vehicles going straight try not to take up straight right lane on a red light, or wait for a few seconds to decide whether to take up the straight-right lane; When right-turn vehicles are obstructed by those going straight, they can have patience to wait without honking. Only in this way can we create a safer, faster and more harmonious traffic environment.

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