Análisis del material de la carcasa de los semáforos

Importance’s of traffic signal light to build up road traffic management, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, improve road use efficiency and improve traffic conditions. It’s suitable for intersections such as crosses and T-shaped intersections. Travel in a safe and orderly manner. The material analysis of traffic signal light housing given bellow


1. Common housing materials for traffic lights: Mainly divided into four categories:

1.1 PC material:

1.2 Die-cast aluminum:

1.3 Profile aluminum material:

1.4 Sheet metal material:


2. Advantages and disadvantages of various traffic signal materials:

1.1 PC material:

Advantages: Relatively low mold cost, light weight, convenient high-altitude operation, good safety, and no need for additional lightning protection measures, one-time molding of the mold, very convenient assembly and installation, waterproof and dustproof the effect is better than the others. If the housing made of PC raw material is added with anti-UV material, the service life can be as long as about 30 years.

Disadvantages: Some manufacturers reduce costs, and will mix secondary materials and wastes. It is not easy for inexperienced builders to distinguish. The housing produced by this material has poor weather resistance, and the shell will crack and become brittle within three or four years.


1.2 Die-cast aluminum material:

Advantages: It isn’t easy to oxidize, the weather resistance is the best among several materials, the mold is formed at one time, the assembly and installation are very convenient, and the service life is the longest among the four materials and good effect of waterproof and dustproof.

Disadvantages: Highest mold cost, lightning protection measures need to be taken, and weight is relatively heavy. For example, if multiple groups of die-casting aluminum signal lamps are hung on a light pole, the load-bearing capacity of the light pole need to be considered. In addition, it is inconvenient to work at high altitudes, and the material cost is relatively high.


1.3 Profile aluminum material:

Advantages: low mold cost, weight between die-casting aluminum and pc material, better weather resistance than pc material, and lower than die-casting aluminum. Moreover, the profiles can be cut at will, the external dimensions can be easily changed, and it is suitable for frame type signal lights.

Disadvantages: The aluminum corner of the profile needs to be connected with PC material, the trial life is equivalent to the PC material, and the assembly is inconvenient. Due to the large number of splices, the waterproofness is the worst among the four. The price of the finished product is slightly lower than that of die-casting aluminum and higher than that of PC material. And this material is most prone to cutting corners. Lightning protection measures are required.


1.4 Sheet metal material:

Advantages: no need to open molds, can adapt to the customized needs of signal lights

Disadvantages: High cost, heaviest weight, easy to oxidize if the coating process is not good, need to take lightning protection measures, and it is difficult to handle waterproof and dustproof.

3. Suggested solution: Use E-type housing signal lamps that meet the EN12368 standard. For example, Sinowatcher STDX300T-JD-A motor vehicle signal lamp housing, this model of lamps and lanterns passed the EN12368 standard.

4. Motor vehicle signal lamp housing: This model of lamps has passed the GB14887-2011 standard.



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